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Whistic + Salesforce: On a Mission to Eliminate Security Questionnaires

Salesforce - Whistic

Whistic is on a mission to eliminate the need for you to respond to questionnaires in the vendor risk management process. Our Salesforce App is one of the most powerful tools available to help you get there by empowering your sales team. Through a few simple clicks in Salesforce, you can create a step in your sales process that allows Sales team members to proactively share your Whistic Profile.

Why is this so important? Here’s what the 2022 State of Vendor Security Report says:

  • 94% of companies said they are willing to begin an assessment by leveraging an already completed standardized questionnaire instead of first requesting their own questionnaire
  • 90% of sales reps surveyed said they have a deal push every quarter due to security review
  • The average sales rep spends 7.4 hrs (an entire business day) each month dealing with and responding to security reviews

The Whistic Salesforce App makes it one-click easy for sales reps to maintain control of the sales process, accelerating sales cycles and increasing revenue. Proactively and transparently sharing your security posture gives you a competitive advantage by helping build trust with your customers and eliminates the need to respond to security questionnaires in many cases.

How impactful could it be if you could eliminate a majority of the security questionnaires from your customers that you respond to in a given month?

Here at Whistic, we understand how important the balance is between the freedom to share your Whistic Profile and the need to maintain control over the data that you share. Our flexible system controls allow for complete customization, security, and visibility to ensure you get time back in your day while still being able to sleep at night.

Latest Salesforce integration upgrades

Automatic Profile Access Approval

Requiring an approval process for your Whistic Profile is a great way to gate access to your security information. But what about when you want to share it with an already trusted user? This approval process can create an unnecessary bottleneck. Not anymore! Now you can automate the approval process for those with existing contacts or accounts in Salesforce, or based on specific criteria.


NDA Bypass

An NDA is a best practice and highly recommended by Whistic when sharing Profiles. However, it can also create an unnecessary bottleneck in the sales process at times. Now you have the flexibility to decide who in your organization can share Profiles with or without requiring an NDA.


What else is new?

  • Now you can easily enable reps to follow up with customers by allowing them to be CC’d on the Profile share email. Sales team members can see exactly what customers are seeing, creating a better sales experience.
  • Connect up to 10 separate Salesforce accounts to a single Whistic account. This enables complex Salesforce implementations to seamlessly leverage Whistic and includes the ability for users to test in a sandbox without ever disrupting production.
  • Are you a current Whistic customer and want to take advantage of all these new enhancements? We’ve made it even easier to ensure you have the latest Salesforce App version with a Salesforce in-App notice when an update is available.

If you’re a current customer and you’d like to learn more about what the latest enhancements to the Whistic Salesforce App can help you accomplish, reach out to your customer success manager today!

If you’re not currently a Whistic customer or if you haven’t yet leveraged the Whistic Salesforce App, schedule time with us to learn about the full suite of capabilities that we can offer from within Salesforce CRM or visit the following article to learn more.

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