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"Whistic is the exclusive platform trusted by the Vendor Security Alliance to manage its industry-leading security assessment program"

-Vendor Security Alliance
Vendor Security Alliance

Whistic is Changing How Vendor Security is Managed


Safeguard data and employees from risky vendors through a comprehensive approach to vendor risk management.

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Stop requesting and responding to spreadsheet questionnaires and give your vendor information the system of record it deserves.

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Demonstrate compliance with audit and regulatory requirements by building a robust third party risk management program.

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Identify which vendors should not be trusted with your data and analyze which relationships need further vetting or remediation.

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"Whistic has been recognized as an Excellence Award finalist in the Best Emerging Technology category for its Security Profile Platform for the 2019 SC Awards."

-SC Media
Excellence Award finalist

Conduct Vendor Security Reviews

With the Whistic Platform, your team can easily review and compare third party vendors against a set of predefined criteria to identify potential cybersecurity threats that can compromise both data and employees. Say goodbye to the painstaking manual, back-and-forth vendor assessment routine and adopt a dynamic, automated process that your team and your vendors will be delighted to use.


Trusted by Top Security Teams

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Proactively Respond to Security Reviews

With the Whistic Platform, you can transform questionnaire data, documentation, and team bios into a living security profile that allows you to better prioritize incoming requests and deliver a standardized security review response to targeted recipients. Generate trust from the first interaction and take a strategic approach to security questionnaire responses instead of exhausting resources answering the same questions over and over again.


We support the following standards:

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