Vendor Security Assessments Simplified

Conduct and respond to security reviews on a single platform designed to grow with your needs

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Security Teams Trust Whistic

Conduct Vendor Security Reviews

  • Make more informed risk decisions by using a custom Whistic intake form or API integration to gather vendor information from internal stakeholders before a purchase is made
  • Compare third parties against a set of predefined criteria by reviewing vendor questionnaires, documentation and metadata on an ongoing basis
  • Say goodbye to the painstaking manual, back-and-forth vendor assessment routine and adopt a dynamic, automated process that your team and your vendors will be delighted to adopt

Proactively Respond to Security Reviews

  • Generate trust from the first interaction by turning your static security documentation and data into a professional profile that is ready to be examined by prospects, customers, partners, or auditors
  • Use your profile as a first line of defense for every inbound request or choose a more targeted approach that identifies ideal recipients most likely to benefit from your proactive approach
  • Build your security profile once and enable your team to share it repeatedly to targeted recipients, instead of exhausting resources answering the same questions over and over

“Whistic is the exclusive platform trusted by the Vendor Security Alliance to manage its industry leading security assessment program”

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Industry standards as well as custom questionnaires