A Better way to Manage
Vendor Security Risk Assessments

A Better way to Manage
Vendor Security Risk Assessments

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Understanding The Security
Risks Of Your Vendors Is Really Important.

Remember when that company with a bullseye logo got hacked? (It all started with a vendor)

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Smarter Workflows

A beautiful, easy-to-use tool that enables your team to collaborate on risk assessments. No more ugly spreadsheets, worrying about which version to use, or long meetings.

Managing security risk was never this easy, or this enjoyable.

Actionable Insights

Whistic's CrowdRisk® algorithm gives deep insights that are tailored to your business. We focus on the "what now?" question and automate tedious tasks.

Whistic does the things you wish your spreadsheet could, but never will.

CrowdRisk® - the FICO score for IT Security

Our advanced scoring algorithm is more accurate, and stays up to date.

300 - 450
451 - 600
601 - 750
751 - 850

Finally, vendor risk management
without spreadsheets.

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