The way you would expect a technology
company to conduct security assessments

Orchestrate your program on a user-friendly platform designed to grow with you

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Security Teams Trust Whistic


  • An intuitive and collaborative user experience
  • Consumer-worthy design meets enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Recurring assessments never felt so simple
  • Streamlined, secure sharing of your security posture


  • One source of truth
  • Standardized vendor onboarding information requests
  • Secure, question-level document upload
  • An easily accessible security profile for every third party


  • Intelligent email reminders
  • Automated assessment schedules
  • Custom question sets driven by powerful response-logic
  • Easily add teammates, assign questions and set due dates


  • Visibility into the security gaps of your third-parties
  • Control and question-level scoring snapshots
  • Subscribe to security profiles like you would a data feed
  • Unlock static questionnaire data

We Support

Industry standards as well as custom questionnaires