The best way to assess, publish, and share vendor security information.

Automate vendor assessments, share security documentation, and create trusted connections—all from the Whistic Vendor Security Network. 


Security First Initiative

Join top tech firms like Okta, Airbnb, Zendesk, Asana, Atlassian, Snap, Notion, TripActions, G2, Whistic, and others who have committed to share their security information proactively using a Whistic Profile.

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Modernize your approach to vendor security assessments

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“Whistic had questionnaires in template form, which enabled us to fast-track deployment. Also, we use the Whistic Trust Catalog® to evaluate major vendors, allowing us to evaluate suppliers with Zero-Touch Assessments.”

Grae Meyer-Gleaves, Chief Information Security Officer, Hollard Insurance Company of Australia

“Whistic allows us to take a more fine-grained approach to the security review process. Now, depending on their results, we may just do a remote assessment and not send someone onsite, so we realize large savings from not doing unnecessary evaluations.”

Chet Sharrar, Chief Information Security Officer, Marlette Funding

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What does simple, effective security look like?

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Automate vendor assessments

Initiate assessments, assign inherent risk, engage vendors, calculate risk scores and trigger reassessments—automatically.

Complete security reviews faster

In the fast-paced business environment we’re living in, no one has time for the slow, outdated security review processes of the past. Access the security posture of thousands of businesses immediately with Whistic.

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Eliminate questionnaire requests

Stop the endless cycle of one-off questionnaire requests. Add completed questionnaires to your Whistic Profile and share it proactively with customers over and over again.

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Consolidate security information

All of your security documentation, certifications, and audits in one place, enabling sales to share it at the right time in the sales process.

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The Way You Protect Your Data & Establish Trust With Customers Is Fundamentally Changing




Data security is in your control, on your servers


Vendor security not part of the sales process

Vendor Security

No time committed to assessing vendor security




The vendor largely controls data security


Security is a consideration in the sales process

Vendor Security

Weeks waiting for vendor to respond to Q&A

To Today’s

Connected World


Regain control & jointly define vendor security


Security is a competitive differentiator

Vendor Security

Vendor publishes security profile proactively

Partner closely with vendors and establish necessary controls to ensure your customer data is protected.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

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“New vendor partnerships die because of failed security assessments…We prioritized education and training across different departments, such as Sales and Marketing, so security and compliance didn’t become a roadblock in proceeding with a vendor.” Director of Compliance & Legal Affairs, Doctor on Demand



reduction in vendor assessment turnaround time


of questionnaire grading is completed within 45 minutes