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Remove the friction from the TPRM process

Eliminate the time-consuming roadblocks of third-party risk management across the lifespan of your vendor relationships and meet your compliance and audit requirements in a single, automated platform. 

The Whistic Platform is the fastest, lowest-touch way to check all your TPRM boxes without cutting corners on security.

Fast: Automated Assessments

Whistic AI leverages multiple sources of vendor security data to automatically find answers to your security questionnaires, ensure compliance, create summaries, and generate executive reports. 

Efficient: All-In-One Platform

Get up and running quickly with standard workflows, create a single source of truth for security documentation, collaborate directly with internal stakeholders, and eliminate back-and-forth with vendors through our secure, in-platform exchange of security and compliance info. 

Proactive: Whistic Trust Catalog

Instantly view the Whistic Security Profile of thousands of vendors with our on-demand exchange, the Whistic Trust Catalog, to identify third parties that meet your security requirements early in the selection process. 

Your Assessment Copilot

This suite of AI capabilities automates the assessment process so you can make faster, smarter decisions and ensure your vendors meet your security and compliance needs. Assessment Copilot includes:

  • SOC 2 SummariesExtract critical, relevant information from hundreds of pages of security documentation to create control-specific, easily digestible reports in minutes. 
  • Vendor Summaries—Automatically verify compliance against your controls using a vendor’s documentation and questionnaire responses. 
  • Automated Review—Generate a final assessment report, review insights, and make risk-based decisions fast. 

Zero-Touch TPRM

Access the Whistic Catalog, a dual-sided exchange for buyers and sellers that puts security documentation at your fingertips. By making it simpler for vendors to proactively share their security posture and for buyers to identify compliant vendors, Whistic eliminates days or weeks of back-and-forth from the process. 

Standards Come Standard

Access the latest versions of dozens of standard questionnaires and frameworks like SIG, CAIQ, and ISO instantly. Combined with rapid-response templates and continuous monitoring by RiskRecon on more than 60,000 companies, this library of frameworks saves you hours of time on questionnaire maintenance, reduces days of response times for vendors, and puts thousands of dollars of subscription fees back in your budget. 

Whistic Platform

Whistic generative AI is saving me time and keeping me from needing to use additional tools.”


Data Security Company

Whistic Platform

I have dozens of these reviews I have to do and Whistic’s automation almost makes me cry! I used to do this by hand for all my vendors and now I don’t have to.”

Third-party Risk Manager

Real Estate Investment Firm

Whistic Platform

I’ve yet to see a tool that has the user-friendliness of Whistic when it comes to VRM. In 15 years I’ve not seen anything as well thought out.”


Leading Health Insurance Platform

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