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Whistic is the single source of trust for buyers and sellers, and our partner ecosystem is an integral part of making that vision a reality for our customers. We partner with world-class organizations across a variety of partner types and are actively pursuing new partnership opportunities.

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We Work With Four Types of Partners

Four Types of Partners - 1

Industry Alliance & Association

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Four Types of Partners - 2

Risk Intelligence

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Four Types of Partners - 3

Managed Assessment (MAPs)

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Four Types of Partners - 4


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Industry Alliance and Association Partners

We support the world’s most respected security and privacy frameworks, and we partner with several of the premier associations behind these standards. One of the goals of our alliance and association partnerships is to help improve vendor security for association members and membership-based communities. Whistic also provides thought leadership, industry insights, innovative product offerings, and promotes the use of standardized frameworks in order to improve information security across the global communities we jointly serve. In certain cases, Whistic may also serve as the vendor security platform of choice for its association and alliance partners.

Featured Partners

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

CSA and Whistic identified the need for a lighter-weight assessment questionnaire in order to accommodate the shift to cloud procurement models, and to enable cybersecurity professionals to more easily engage with cloud vendors. CAIQ-Lite was jointly developed by CSA and Whistic to meet the demands of an increasingly fast-paced cybersecurity environment where adoption is becoming paramount when selecting a vendor security questionnaire.


The Vendor Security Alliance (VSA) is a coalition of companies committed to improving Internet security by directly focusing on helping companies protect against the risks associated with third-party vendor relationships. Whistic is the exclusive platform trusted by the Vendor Security Alliance to manage its industry-leading security assessment program.

“We needed a partner to help streamline and scale our organization’s impact, and we were very impressed with Whistic’s focus on vendor security, its commitment to customers, and it’s user-interface. We’re happy to partner with the Whistic team and provide our members with an intuitive solution for their vendor assessment needs.”
– Ken Baylor, President, Vendor Security Alliance


Intelligence Partners

 Whistic is proud to support integrations with respected security ratings,
cyber risk scoring, privacy data, and other risk intelligence providers.

Other Intelligence Partners


Managed Assessment Partners

Many organizations struggle to find the headcount needed to perform an adequate level of vendor risk assessments, not to mention that they are likely performing these assessments via spreadsheets and email.

Rather than accept the risk of not taking action to address the vendor security needs of their organization, Whistic enables customers to leverage partner headcount resources by engaging a Managed Assessment Provider that can perform assessments as a service.

Whistic enables assessment, consulting, and firms, as well as security consultants and managed security services providers to utilize their expertise to serve customers with a flexible offering. Whistic partners can use this program to begin a cybersecurity practice or can simply enhance an existing practice with the power of the Whistic Platform. As a growing number of organizations look to outsource additional staffing to trusted partners, Whistic is responding by enabling these firms to build their practice on top of the single source of trust for buyers and sellers.

Referral Partners

Whistic has a robust referral program to support product integration, consulting, and other partners who have a customer base that strategically aligns with Whistic. Through this program, Whistic partners can get paid for referring leads that end up becoming Whistic Customers.

This program is ideal for software companies, consulting firms, CPA firms, MSSPs, and others who see the need for a vendor security offering in their customer base. Generate more value for your organization and become a more strategic partner to your customers by introducing them to the industry’s leading vendor security platform.

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We partner with world-class organizations across a variety of partner types and actively pursue new partnership opportunities. 

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