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Fully Integrated Across Our Platform: The Whistic AI Difference 

Leave legacy TPRM behind. Whistic builds AI into every stage of your third-party risk management and customer trust workflows, so buyers and sellers can complete more assessments, generate more insights, create faster business value, and improve security outcomes. 

AI brings both sides of the TPRM process together to conduct and respond to more assessments, faster and without cutting corners on security or trust. 

High-Impact Insight

Automatically source data-rich responses to control-specific questions using existing security documentation for faster, more meaningful assessments. 

Cut Administrative Tasks By 90%

An AI-powered Trust Center centralizes security documentation to increase automation and improve proactive sharing. 

Risk Mitigation, Not Spreadsheet Babysitting

AI reallocates valuable InfoSec resources from manual administration to active remediation and true risk management.

The AI Foundation for Modern TPRM

Whistic AI aligns seamlessly with your existing TPRM workflows and capabilities — no add-ons, no widgets. That means it’s part of your processes at every stage, improving your user experience, enhancing your data, and driving deeper insights. 

On-Demand Security Posture

Knowledge Base with Smart Search

Organize all security and compliance documentation in a single repository and use Whistic AI to search it all with plain-text questions, getting definitive answers with links to the evidence in the source documents.

Respond to Security Requests

Smart Response

Use Whistic AI to automate the completion of questionnaires (including spreadsheets uploaded into Whistic) by leveraging documents and previously completed questionnaires stored in your Whistic Knowledge Base.

Control-Specific Insights

SOC 2 Summarization

Use Whistic AI to generate a summary of a SOC 2 audit report catered to your controls without manually searching through hundreds of pages of documentation — making it easier to gain important risk insights in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

Automate Vendor Assessments

Vendor Smart Search and Vendor Insights

Use Whistic AI to ask plain-text questions about vendors across all data sources and get definitive answers with links to the evidence in the source documents provided.

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