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The Whistic Platform

Assess third-party risk and build customer trust without being reliant on requesting or responding to questionnaires — all from one intuitive, AI-driven platform.

The Whistic Platform for Customer Trust

Whistic makes it fast, secure, and easy for buyers and sellers to connect and automate third-party risk assessments

Reimagine Your Assessment Process

Significantly reduce your reliance on questionnaire requests with a modern, automated third-party risk management process.

Make Security a Competitive Advantage

Build customer trust and bypass the back-and-forth sharing of security information through spreadsheets.

Conduct Zero-Touch Assessments

Connect with thousands of companies and get visibility into the security posture of your current or prospective vendors.

Trusted by the World’s Largest Network of Buyers and Sellers

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How Whistic Works

Whistic gives InfoSec teams the power to run world-class third-party risk management and customer trust programs with a single, unified experience that streamlines both sides of the third-party risk assessment process.

Automate Vendor Assessments
Assess Vendors

Automate Vendor Assessments

Easily manage all aspects of your third-party risk program and significantly reduce your company’s potential for a costly data breach. Meet your regulatory compliance and audit requirements in a simple, automated process.

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Build Customer Trust

Publish and Share Your Trust Center

Eliminate inbound questionnaire response requests! Manage all of your security and compliance information from one intuitive platform, making it fast and easy to publish, share, and confidently meet a customer’s assessment requirements.

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Dual-Sided Network

Connect with Thousands of Companies

Access the industry’s most robust network of buyers and sellers. Securely exchange on-demand security and compliance information to streamline both sides of the third-party risk assessment process.

Whistic Platform Integration

Leverage 40+ Questionnaires and Frameworks

Access the latest versions of more than 40 questionnaires and frameworks, including rapid-response templates for industry-wide vulnerabilities — plus cross-framework mapping and the Whistic Control Framework to unify controls across all frameworks.

Whistic Profile

Previously, it would take us up to five days to respond to a security questionnaire. But now with Whistic, we’re able to turn around 80% of those requests in less than one day.” 

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Mitch Evans, Director, CISO Advisory

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Whistic Platform

Security reviews move much faster, especially when others are part of Whistic already, so we can take advantage of the double-sided marketplace that the platform offers. Increasing the speed of reviews is important because it saves person hours, freeing time for us to work on other initiatives.”

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Nate Jones, Security Program Manager


Whistic Profile

Our Security Profile helps to build trust and to show our proactive posture, displaying a mature program to our partners. It only takes a matter of minutes to send out our Security Profile.”

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VP, Compliance and Internal Audit


Whistic Assess

Whistic had questionnaires in template form, which enabled us to fast-track deployment. Also, we use the Whistic Trust Catalog to evaluate major vendors, allowing us to evaluate suppliers with Zero-Touch Assessments.” 

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Grae Meyer-Gleaves, CISO

Hollard Insurance Company of Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Vendor Risk Assessment

This in-depth guide is full of all the steps, tips, and insights you’ll need to modernize your approach to third-party risk management.

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