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The Single Source of Trust for Buyers and Sellers

Whether you need to assess your vendors or establish trust with your customers, Whistic is for you.

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“One of our vendors actually gave us access to their Whistic profile when we were doing a review with them. Once we saw the intuitiveness of the platform we realized that we didn’t have any follow-up questions for the vendor since it was all in Whistic. Simply put, we were hooked from the beginning.” Data Privacy and Compliance Officer, Formstack


The Whistic Platform

The Whistic platform helps both buyers who need to assess vendors and sellers who need to establish trust.

Vendors create their profile in Whistic, based on industry standard frameworks, and include supporting documentation, audits and certifications.

These profiles are then published in the Whistic Trust Catalog or shared directly with individual customers.

Whistic profiles show information proactively published by vendors, and can also include additional intelligence through integration with some of the world’s most respected sources of security and privacy information.

Information from these respected intelligence sources is visible alongside data published by the vendor, providing a more complete and validated picture of overall security posture.

Enterprises now have access to security information from their current and potential vendors, and can utilize that information to perform full vendor assessments.

Both publishing your security profile and being able to access that published information on-demand are key components of proactive vendor security.

You don’t need to request a spreadsheet and wait weeks for a response. Simply access the information when you need it.

The information aggregated in the Whistic Trust Catalog can be shared directly with customers, requested from your website or published to other partner organizations.

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“As a SaaS organization ourselves, we need to both send out and receive security questionnaires. Whistic offered the ability to do both of these things—and provided transparency into how our data was being shared—in a single platform.”

Director of Information Security, Leading Marketing Automation Provider

“My experience has been excellent and I would definitely recommend Whistic to my colleagues. In fact, I feel like I am getting customized software because they are very responsive and have a mind to productize suggestions that work for all customers. Whistic, compared to some other vendors, is like a quick marsupial that can dart in and out of the legs of the dinosaurs, running circles around them.”

VP of Engineering & Security Officer, Radar, Inc.