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On-Demand Security

The Whistic Trust Catalog brings buyers and sellers together to enable the secure exchange of on-demand security and compliance information, streamlining both sides of the third-party risk assessment process.

Whistic Trust Catalog Workflow
Trust Catalog Dashboard
Dual-Sided Network

Streamlined Assessments for Everyone

The Whistic Network powers trusted relationships between vendors and their customers. Connect with thousands of companies, enable security transparency, and eliminate the tedious, time-consuming assessment process.

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Assess Vendors

On-Demand Security Postures

Significantly reduce the time it takes to identify and evaluate new vendors: quickly find and view security documentation, compliance information, questionnaires, certifications, and audits for thousands of companies. 

Trust Catalog Examples
Build Trust with Customers

Connect with Your Buyers

Make it easy for hundreds of top companies to buy from you! Publish your security posture in the Whistic Trust Catalog to enable frictionless Zero-Touch Assessments and eliminate questionnaire requests. 

Transform Your TPRM and Customer Trust Programs

See how InfoSec teams can easily assess vendors and confidently share security posture from Whistic’s all-in-one, AI-driven platform. 

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Whistic Trust Catalog Connects You to the World’s Most Dynamic Network of Vendors and Customers in Seconds


Continuous Monitoring

Evaluate the security posture of thousands of companies in Trust Catalog—including continuous monitoring of the top 50 by RiskRecon—for a complete, 360-degree view of vendor risk.

Breach Event Score

Security Postures of the Largest Companies in the World

Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and thousands more rely on Whistic Trust Catalog to efficiently meet their customers’ vendor risk-management and compliance needs.

Import to Trust Catalog

Optimize with AI

Supercharge automation to eliminate time-consuming tasks, identify insights, and share information fast.

My Library - Security Documentation

Controlled Access

Share only what you want to share with approval workflows, audit trails, and NDA safeguards.

Selected Security Documentation

Buyer-activity Insights

Use reports to measure and act on customer engagement, and optimize your security posture to grow your business.

Buyer Insights - New Data Available

Trusted by the world’s largest network of buyers and sellers

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Third-Party Risk Management

In a complex vendor environment, all-in-one TPRM is a game changer. 

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Customer Trust

BARR takes the complexity and heartburn out of security and compliance. 

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Sales Enablement

Faster sales cycles and an unburdened security team are possible with proactive customer trust.

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Whistic Trust Catalog - My Vendors Only

Access 40+ Questionnaires and Frameworks

Find and view vendor Profiles aligned to the latest versions of more than 40 questionnaires and frameworks, including rapid-response templates for industry-wide vulnerabilities, and leverage continuous monitoring by RiskRecon on over 50k companies.

Whistic Trust Center

Our Security Profile helps to build trust and to show our proactive posture, displaying a mature program to our partners. It only takes a matter of minutes to send out our Security Profile.”

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VP, Compliance and Internal Audit


Whistic Trust Center

Previously, it would take us up to five days to respond to a security questionnaire. But now with Whistic, we’re able to turn around 80% of those requests in less than one day.” 

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Mitch Evans, Director, CISO Advisory

BARR Advisory

Whistic Assess

That’s when my predecessor first looked into Whistic Profile because we needed to share those documents as quickly as possible, so we wouldn’t slow down the sales team.”

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Cameron Wright, Security Risk Management Lead


Whistic Assess

Whistic had questionnaires in template form, which enabled us to fast-track deployment. Also, we use the Whistic Trust Catalog to evaluate major vendors, allowing us to evaluate suppliers with Zero-Touch Assessments.” 

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Grae Meyer-Gleaves, CISO

Hollard Insurance Company of Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Vendor Risk Assessment

This in-depth guide is full of all the steps, tips, and insights you’ll need to modernize your approach to third-party risk management.

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