The place where vendors and customers connect

The Whistic Trust Catalog enables vendors to connect customers with all of the relevant security documentation needed to proactively conduct a security assessment.

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On-demand security information when your company needs it most

Gain access to the security documentation, certifications, and audits of thousands of companies and assess vendors on your time with the Whistic Trust Catalog.

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Standout with security

Show customers you have nothing to hide by providing on-demand access to your Whistic Profile in the Trust Catalog and build trust at the beginning of your customer relationships.

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Make good use of work you’ve already done

Make it easy for prospects and customers to conduct zero-touch assessments and eliminate questionnaire requests by publishing your Profile to the Trust Catalog.

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Protect your sensitive data

Maintain control of your security information by expiring access, keeping an audit trail, and requiring approval or an NDA before customers can view your Profile.

Keep Your Sales

Understand how customers are using your Profile

Learn how prospects and customers are engaging with your Profile and use those insights to build trust and grow your business.

Turn Security
“When we’re looking for a supplier, we start with the Trust Catalog. It makes vendor selection easier and helps us establish trust between organizations quickly.”

Grae Meyer-Gleaves, Chief Information Security Officer at Hollard Insurance Company of Australia

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Provide access to third-party security scoring

The Whistic Trust Catalog aggregates the best security and privacy information from well-known and respected sources to help customers make informed decisions.

“Now we can send out these complex security profiles to clients, who in turn have fewer and fewer questions since we’re over-delivering on information. This helps push sales cycles forward and move the needle on deals.”

Data Privacy and Compliance Officer, Formstack

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