Eliminate Security Questionnaires

Stop answering the same questions over and over again. Create a Whistic Profile once and share it before being asked.

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Keep Your Sales People Selling

Close deals faster by reducing security bottlenecks

Sharing your pre-defined Whistic Security Profile lets salespeople move quickly through what is historically a slow part of any sales process. And the information in your profile is living, so you know what they share is always up-to-date.

Give them a powerful tool that you control. Use your security profile as a competitive differentiator.

That’s proactive security management.

Keep Your Sales

Turn Security Into a Competitive Advantage

Give your salespeople the ability to share your security profile early in the sales process.

Sharing security posture and building trust between companies is part of every sale. It’s usually difficult to get through and takes a long time. With Whistic, salespeople can easily share your security profile at the beginning of the sales process to build trust early. In fact, they can even share it from within SalesForce!

Bypass the typical back-and-forth sharing of security information, and turn your profile into a secure advantage.

Turn Security

Build Once, Share ∞

Security questionnaires contain vital information; however, responding to them is tedious, time-consuming and inefficient

Get ahead of the curve by creating your living security profile on the Whistic platform. Send your profile before you get asked, build trust early, and speed your sales cycle.

Proactivity is possible with Whistic.

Build Once

Strengthened by Standards

Harness the power of standards adopted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide

Your profile shows all of the standards you support in one place making security assessments and reviews a breeze. And you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.

Spend your time selling and building a competitive advantage.

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“Don’t get me wrong, I love our salespeople, but they’re the worst people to talk about security and technology. To be fair, they hate it too. It’s not their area of expertise, they feel like fish out of water when they’re having the conversation.”

General Counsel, enterprise SaaS company

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Whistic Salesforce Integration

With Whistic, you can easily give your sales team the ability to share your profile. And the best part is that they can share this information right from Salesforce.

While viewing an Opportunity in Salesforce, simply click a button to share your company’s security profile, select the contact you’d like to receive the profile, and you’re done!

This means that your security information goes out to prospective customers before they even have to ask. That’s what being proactive is all about. It helps to build trust between companies faster, and dramatically shortens the time it takes to close a sale.

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Features of a Proactive Whistic Profile

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  • Use roles-based access to limit who can create, edit or share your profile.
  • Protect sensitive documents by building your nondisclosure agreement into your profile.
  • Set an automatic expiration date on profile shares to limit customer access.
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  • Brand your security posture with a compelling heading, description and your brand image
  • Create multiple versions of your profile based on different products, customer types or data sensitivity
  • Add badges to highlight your audits and certification, and include supporting documentation
Ease of Use
Ease of Use

  • Easily share your profile with individual customers and prospects
  • Any prospect or customer can view your shared profile for free—they don’t need to be a current Whistic user
  • Enable your sales team to share your profile from within Salesforce
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  • Stay informed with automated reminder emails throughout the vendor lifecycle
  • Track complete communication threads with vendors without screenshots and emails
  • Report on your program as a whole or drill down on the finer details with a custom reporting suite
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  • Provide answers to questions from industry recognized security and privacy frameworks
  • Define a set process for your sales team to follow when proactively sharing your profile
  • Manage all of your security documentation in your document repository and update document versions across all profiles with a single click
“The biggest thing for us is responding with a more professional solution to the dreaded security document request. Being able to share a security profile through Whistic with an elegant portal for people to view our security requirements better illustrates our security posture to potential clients. We have been thrilled to have this sort of solution.”

CEO, eDraw

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