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Build world-class third-party risk management

Eliminate the time-consuming roadblocks of third-party risk management across the lifespan of your vendor relationships and meet your compliance and audit requirements in a single, automated platform. 

Build, manage, measure, and grow a best-in-class TPRM program in one AI-driven platform. 

Full-Cycle Vendor Risk Management

Customize workflows across the breadth of vendor engagement, putting onboarding, inventory, assessments, risk management, and risk mitigation at your fingertips in a single platform.

Fast, Data-Rich Assessments

Easily collect and use all the data in customized questionnaires, standard frameworks, and detailed security documentation all at once and in a fraction of the time with AI automation.

Insight-Driven Performance

Generate customized reports to track risk, collect metrics to measure progress, collaborate with vendors and stakeholders, and increase oversight of your program. 

Automation At Every Step

Save time throughout the entire TPRM process without compromising on your customized program. With Whistic Assess, you can automate:

  • All intake, risk scoring, assessment types, and risk classification 
  • Security reviews with the AI in Assessment Copilot to get the answers you need from vendors in minutes, not weeks
  • Risk mitigation, incident management, and reassessments of critical or high-risk vendors

Seamless Stakeholder Engagement

The all-in-one platform makes it simple to communicate, build reports, and share data with internal business units, governance teams, and executive leadership. With centralized collaboration and integrations for common tools like Salesforce and DocuSign, Whistic is a great experience for vendors, too. 

Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Maintain constant visibility into the maturity of your program. Demonstrate compliance, develop customizable metrics and reporting, quickly update your risk indicators as your business needs evolve, and better allocate resources to mitigate risk. 

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