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Case Study

Whistic the Complete Vendor Security Platform

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Whistic The Complete Vendor Security Platform

Conduct Vendor Assessments

Identify, Assess, and Track vendors across their entire lifecycle using Whistic.

Whistic is a leading vendor assessment provider that enables companies to conduct and respond to security reviews on a single platform. Built for companies focused on protecting data and proactively managing security reviews, Whistic enhances evaluation of third-party vendor networks while improving the process of gathering, sending, receiving, and sharing assessment information.

Leverage a platform that delivers insights and expands your ability to protect against vendor risk

Consolidate disparate systems and give your vendor security information the system of record it deserves.

Vendor Assessments

Whistic is extremely simple, and it’s purpose- built with what we had in mind from a vendor management perspective.”

Eric Sorenson

CISO doTerra

Respond to security questionnaires

Proactively respond to security reviews

Forward-thinking companies are changing the way they respond to security questionnaires. Build a robust security profile on Whistic and take a more strategic approach to sharing your security posture.

Build it once, share it over and over

Designed from the ground up for teams of all sizes that need a centralized solution to house security and compliance documentation and streamline responses to security review requests.

Vendor Assessments

We received a comment from a customer about Whistic saying,‘Thanks for setting this up! This is a really helpful tool.’ This just goes to show how Whistic is increasing security satisfaction for both our internal team and our customers.” 

Simon Wynn

SVP Software Matterport. Inc


90% Overhead Cost reduction ($50k savings over manually responding)


Reduced Sales Cycle (approximately 1 month) 


96% decrease in average security review time (4 weeks to 1 day)

Radar – Use Case

Andrew Migliore, VP of Engineering & Security Officer

Why Whistic

I’ve looked at multiple systems and approaches trying to solve the vendor governance Gordian Knot. The following features have really streamlined the whole process for us:

  • Integrating the NDA process with the ability to override,  
  • Ability to delegate to other team members, such as sales 
  • Ability to share our security profile to prospects early in the sales process 
  • Ability to add compliance/certificate badges, policies, test results all in one place 
  • Ability to share standardized questionnaires like the CAIQ.

Key benefits/results

A single source of truth, managed in one place, with the ability for our extended team, that includes sales, to share our security and compliance profile securely with our customers and prospects. 

The integration with Cloud Security Alliance’s STAR registry to pull in existing and prospect vendor CAIQs really speeds up the whole vendor governance process, helps reduce the back and forth communication between the vendor and our compliance team. This, coupled with exposing a Whistic vendor request form to our internal organization allows us to vet vendors faster and reduce if not eliminate shadow IT.

Security profile

No more emailing encrypted zip files or determining how to transfer sensitive security artifacts. We now say accept the Whistic invitation to our security and compliance profile, and you will have access to all of our artifacts: 

  • CAIQ
  • Policies
  • BC / DR Drills 
  • Vulnerability scans 
  • Penetration testing results.

Overall Whistic experience 

My experience has been excellent and I would definitely recommend Whistic to my colleagues. In fact, I feel like I am getting customized software because they are very responsive and have a mind to productize suggestions that work for all customers.  Their solution has really dug into the core of the issues around vendor governance and are solving many of the pain points. Whistic, compared to some other vendors, is like a quick marsupial that can dart in and out of the legs of the dinosaurs, running circles around them.

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