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Implementing a Vendor Assessment Platform? Tips for Long-Term Success

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Proactive vendor security is no longer just a buzzword tossed about in InfoSec conversations—it’s a must-have for cloud-based organizations to differentiate themselves from peers and vendors in a competitive landscape. As data security is working its way up the list of corporate issues during the current economic climate, many InfoSec teams are undergoing vendor risk assessment platform implementations and onboarding sessions.

Three Tips for Implementation Success

No platform implementation process is the same, and vendor assessment platforms require InfoSec teams to go above and beyond the standard input to ensure complete compliance and security. Here are three tips to keep in mind when implementing a new vendor assessment platform:

1. Make Sure Your Platform is Accessible

>Accessibility is a priority for InfoSec teams both from an internal and external perspective. Internally, your team should be able to access any specific tools or platforms without a hitch (especially if you’re currently working from home). Externally, customers and vendors should be able toeasily access>and update their security profiles so that both parties are up to date and aware of any changes that could result in a data vulnerability.

2. Invite All Stakeholders to Be a Part of the Kickoff

As technology moves forward, InfoSec teams are no longer the only ones impacted by data and vendor security. As you’re implementing your new vendor assessment platform, make sure other stakeholders across your organization (sales, marketing, and product come to mind) are aware of the changes in place and the new process being implemented. One of the most significant benefits a vendor assessment platform provides for InfoSec teams is the ability for other internal departments to self-serve when it comes to assessment questions, making their familiarity with new platforms paramount to long-term success.

3. Plan Ahead for the Future

The world of vendor security and data privacy is constantly changing and evolving, which means that any software or platform should grow with the industry. As you’re setting up your new vendor assessment platform, make sure there are open APIs and additional data channels for new and improved assessments, questionnaires, and data feeds. This is a huge differentiator in the space and will help set your team apart from the competition.

Ready to Get Started?

>Taking a new step in the vendor risk management space can be daunting, but Whistic makes it easy to get up and running with a new cloud-based security management solution without worrying about compliance risk. You can learn more and get startedhere>.

Speak with us tofind out how you can take a proactive vendor security stance with Whistic.

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