Upgrade Your Vendor Security Program

See the full security picture with Whistic. Automate your program, assess vendors easily, and start using security to your advantage.

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Vendor Security Program

Identify, assess and track vendors and automate the entire vendor security lifecycle using Whistic.

Gain a Secure Advantage

Remove barriers and build a more secure organization

Whistic is built to streamline and solidify the intersection of business units and security reviews. Tackle the challenges that cause business leaders to sidestep security by adopting a fully customizable vendor intake form powered by Whistic. If your procurement process is already humming along, use an API integration to automatically trigger security reviews when new vendors are being considered. Ditch the extra effort and get a jump on the process—automatically.


Assess Vendors Easily

The single source of trust for vendor security

Don’t request a spreadsheet and wait weeks for a response—be proactive with vendor security. Whistic Trust Catalog gives you on-demand access to vendor profiles and enables you to bring together questionnaires, documentation, and security & privacy intelligence. Minimal effort, with no- to low-touch on your next vendor assessment—or what we like to call a Zero-Touch Assessment.

Use either industry standard questionnaires or design a custom set of questions that ensures your assessment process is always on-target and relevant. Quickly understand in which areas a vendor requires additional attention and gain visibility by benchmarking vendor risk with Whistic’s patented CrowdConfidence™ scoring algorithm.


See the Full Security Picture

Gain insights from your vendor security system of record

Gather, store, query and report on vendor security information in Whistic and unlock insights previously trapped in static spreadsheets.

With Whistic’s searchable Vendor Catalog, easy-to-use reporting engine, assessment activity history as well as a document repository, you’ll be on top of your game. Gain confidence by fully understanding the security risks across all of your vendors.

No more cobbled-together systems. Keep all of your security information in one place that’s infinitely searchable and customizable.

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Automation That Works For You

Robust API that integrates into your system

Unleash the full potential of the Whistic platform by integrating it into your existing workflows and applications for a seamless user experience. Kick off a security review with an API call from your procurement system, or release an approval inside your contract management software whenever a successful review is completed in Whistic. Design an end-to-end vendor security management workflow that provides unprecedented automation and promotes adoption across your enterprise.

Whether it’s viewing real-time cyber-risk ratings in the Whistic platform along with questionnaire data or kicking off a Jira ticket with Whistic assessment data, our API enables you to do it all.

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Features of Whistic Proactive Vendor Security

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  • Use roles-based access to limit who can view, review or assess vendors.
  • Leverage single sign on (SSO) to seamlessly incorporate company access control policies.
  • Set rules and get notified when vendors don’t meet required standards.
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  • Ensure all vendor-facing and internal communication includes your company’s logo
  • Customize out-of-the box forms, questionnaires, data risk classification models, risk scoring, and workflows to meet your needs
  • Define which systems vendors may connect to and rank vendor business criticality
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  • Stay informed with automated reminder emails throughout the vendor lifecycle
  • Track complete communication threads with vendors without screenshots and emails
  • Report on your program as a whole or drill down on the finer details with a custom reporting suite
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  • Easily assess questionnaires and documentation by commenting, flagging issues, and requesting clarification from vendors inline
  • Adjust risk levels and scores, set final statuses, and write executive summaries before generating your final report
  • Implement a lightweight or robust review workflow that works for a single person or robust team
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Your Ecosystem

  • Tap into existing workflows, sync data and trigger actions using API integrations
  • Leverage security and risk intelligence in your vendor security assessment workflow
  • Export data for input to other systems to analyze and provide additional insights into vendor risk
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Vendor Onboarding

  • Build a custom intake form and workflow to enable a seamless process for business stakeholders to securely submit vendors for review without needing to login
  • Receive notifications whenever a new vendor is ready for review
  • Give procurement the ability to access risk information from the Whistic Trust Catalog without needing to involve your security team
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  • Get access to pre-published security questionnaires, privacy data and other intelligence on leading vendors on-demand in Trust Catalog
  • Automate ongoing reassessments based on risk-level or custom policy guidelines
  • Generate risk scores automatically when a questionnaire is returned by a vendor
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  • Have a single source of truth for all vendor data, documentation, questionnaires, and intelligence
  • Sort your vendors by risk, criticality or business units using them
  • Centralized reporting gives you visibility across all vendors in your network
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  • Stay informed with automated reminder emails throughout the vendor lifecycle
  • Track complete communication threads with vendors without screenshots and emails
  • Report on your program as a whole or drill down on the finer details with a custom reporting suite
“Full reviews of each vendor used to take at least 10 hours each. We spent so much of our time pulling together questionnaires, emailing, and calling vendors. With Whistic, We’re spending no more than one hour per vendor, freeing up 90% of our time to focus on other important initiatives. There’s no way we could have delivered what the executive team asked of me without Whistic.”

Cyber Compliance and Risk Management team, Leading Home Technology Provider

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