Security First Initiative

Join top tech firms like Okta, Airbnb, Zendesk, Asana, Atlassian, Snap, Notion, TripActions, G2, Whistic, and others who have committed to share their security information proactively using a Whistic Profile.

When you join the initiative, you will receive a free, limited version of Whistic Profile that enables you to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming questionnaire requests.
  • Access Whistic’s extensive library of standard questionnaires to build your Profile.
  • Share your Profile with customers up to three times per month.

Join the Initiative. Get a Free Whistic Profile.

What are leaders saying about the Security First Initiative?

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Security is now the #1 consideration for buyers in the purchasing process. G2 is not only committed to trust and transparency as a company, but we see it as core to every business relationship in the future. — Godard Abel, CEO, G2
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Asana believes collaboration and transparency between internal teams is mission critical…it’s mission critical to establish transparent and trusted relationships with our customers and third-party vendors. — Sean Cassidy, Head of Security, Asana
Okta supports the Security First Initiative and the recently released MVSP security baseline, both of which demonstrate the importance of working together to improve security for all our mutual customers. — Gen Buckley, Senior Manager, Security Assurance, Okta

A Whistic Profile makes it easy to put trust and transparency first

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Build it once, use it forever

Once you’ve compiled all of your completed questionnaires, certifications, and audits into a Profile, you can share it over and over again with customers.

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Eliminate questionnaire requests

When you proactively share your Profile with customers, you save countless hours once spent responding to one-off questionnaire requests.

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Strengthened by standards

Harness the power of standardized assessment frameworks adopted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide.

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Join the Security First Initiative and get your free Whistic Profile.