Whistic Q2 Product Updates

July 21, 2018

The latest product updates and exciting enhancements to the Whistic Platform

1. Build your own custom questionnaire — start from an existing spreadsheet questionnaire template, an industry standard, or from scratch

Whistic makes it easy for you to build your own custom questionnaire that you send to your vendors. Custom scoring allows you to return a score for each vendor and weight questions that are more important to your organization. With the ability to allow your vendors to upload security documents and certifications in the questionnaire you can eliminate wasted time and emails back and forth.

2. Multiple questionnaire versions — manage different versions of the same questionnaire for different products, company divisions, etc.

Whistic makes it easy for you to take a self assessment for each of the different departments within your organization. Discover departmental understanding of your security policies throughout your organization or self-assess multiple products against the same standard in order to build out a more robust Security Profile by product.

3. Create and share multiple Security Profiles — now you can share unique Security Profiles based on product, market segment, or type of customer

Enable your team to proactively respond to security reviews. You can now build multiple security profiles that your team can share depending on the product you are selling, the segment (i.e. Enterprise vs. SMB), the level of data you want to share, etc.

4. Non-Disclosure Agreement workflow available on your Security Profile — require your prospects and customers to agree to a click through NDA

You can now require your prospects to agree to your own click-through NDA before they can view your security documentation. Customize and format your NDA document in Whistic and track which prospects have agreed to the NDA within the platform.

5. RiskRecon integration — connect your account and layer in objective scores for your vendors in Whistic

Whistic makes it quick and easy for you to display the RiskRecon score for that vendor on the vendor profile. Get a 360 degree view into this vendor by having your internal score from Whistic and your external score of the vendor from RiskRecon.

6. Reporting suite enhancements — quickly gain insights into your vendor risk program

Whistic is putting the power in your hands with more and more customization. Now you have the ability to report on custom fields through the new reporting suite. You can pull reports based on vendors, questionnaires, or security profile shares allowing you to stack rank your vendors by comparing scores etc. Get granular by filtering which vendors have access to high risk data and pull this in seconds.

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