What Does it Take to Become a Whistic Partner?

August 03, 2020

Whistic is proud to be an industry-leading source of trust and education for InfoSec leaders, but we know that we didn’t get here alone. Our robust partner ecosystem ensures that the Whistic solution delivers high-impact value to customers. Here, we’ll review the Whistic partner ecosystem and look at how organizations can become trusted members of this group. 


Types of Whistic Partners

Whistic is, first and foremost, a robust vendor risk management platform, and we have a variety of partners that help deliver amazing risk management solutions to customers. There are four types of partners within the Whistic partner ecosystem:

Industry Alliance & Association: The Whistic platform supports some of the most well-known and well-respected security frameworks. We’re able to do this through our partnerships with the associations behind these frameworks. In many cases, Whistic partners with these organizations on the framework and the research and insights side to continue to provide the industry with education and content.

Risk Intelligence: As the vendor risk management industry continues to grow and change, our partnerships and integrations with security ratings, cyber risk scoring, privacy data, and risk intelligence providers ensure that our customers’ security profiles are always compliant and secure.

Managed Assessment (MAPs): Whistic works with organizations of all shapes, industries, and sizes. Managed Assessment Provider partners make it possible for customers without the resources or headcount for dedicated vendor assessment services to stay compliant and secure.

Referral: The Whistic referral program supports our strategic integrations, relationships with consultants, and partners who have similar customer audiences. Referral partners can be anything from software companies to CPA firms and can be financially compensated for referring leads or business to the Whistic team. 


Our Industry-Leading Partner Ecosystem

So what exactly do Whistic partners look like? With so many different types of partners and varying partner use cases, every partnership is unique, making each one that much more important. Some of our featured partners include:

  • The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) partnered with Whistic to develop the CAIQ-Lite assessment.
  • The Vendor Security Alliance (VSA) looks to Whistic as its exclusive security management platform.
  • FICO Cyber Risk Scoring is a featured part of every Whistic security profile.
  • BitSight ratings available within Whistic can help monitor security ratings and more.
  • Armanino is a leading provider of third-party risk management and partners with Whistic to help supplement customer security teams with robust security solutions.

Whistic’s cloud-based security model also enables us to partner with some of the largest cloud ecosystems—including Okta, Jira, and G Suite—to seamlessly deliver security and compliance solutions to teams without bulky hardware or onboarding.


Want to Become a Whistic Partner?

To deliver amazing solutions to our customers, vendors, and partners, Whistic is actively pursuing new partnership opportunities across various industries and solutions. If your organization fits into any of the partnerships mentioned—or you’re interested in exploring opportunities outside of the ones above—let us know!

You can fill out this quick form to learn more about the different Whistic partner opportunities and how our teams can work together.

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