Top Tools for InfoSec Teams in 2020 and Beyond

June 24, 2020

If there is one area of business that is continually seeing new tools and solutions hit the shelves, it’s InfoSec. After all, every time hackers come up with new technology, information security teams need to up their game in order to fight against it. This means that new tools and solutions are consistently at the top of InfoSec professional’s lists.

Staying on top of security technology has been even more important in 2020, with global confusion and crises putting a huge target on personal and corporate data. With dozens of global industries – including healthcare, education, and finance – under pressure, data is even more vulnerable to threats.

Top tools for InfoSec teams

With the right tools and solutions in their "toolbox," InfoSec teams can both protect their organization’s data against threats and proactively set their security operations up for success down the road. Here are three must-have tools for InfoSec teams in 2020 and beyond. 

1. Security monitoring tools are the first line of defense against potential security threats. Monitoring tools keep tabs on all of the "entrances" to your data, from firewalls to websites to databases, to ensure that malicious users can’t hack into your ecosystem. Security monitoring tools are also on the front lines to protect data if there is a malicious attack. 

2. Vulnerability scanning tools help InfoSec teams identify any potential areas of vulnerability or access for threats. This pack of tools can include auditing platforms and security scanners, which are great ways for InfoSec teams to identify where vulnerabilities are occurring and prevent them from happening in the future. 

3. A vendor risk management and assessment platform is another must-have tool for InfoSec teams. As data becomes more "open source" and data sharing starts to be the norm, protecting data regardless of where it is shared is incredibly important. Vendor risk management platforms give InfoSec teams the confidence and flexibility they need to become trusted, respected partners in the data-sharing economy. 

Setting your team up for future success

Already in 2020, we have seen immense change around how businesses operate and the new ways different teams are adapting to different working conditions. InfoSec teams have learned how to be flexible and quickly pivot their security operations to be conducive to different situations. Now, heading into the second half of 2020 and beyond, it’s time for InfoSec teams to bolster their technology and invest in tools that will grow and change with your business.

Whistic, the industry-leading proactive vendor risk management solution, your team can stay on top of vendor risk management operations and keep an eye on compliance updates for your other solutions. By gathering data from all of your security profiles into a single, easy-to-access location, Whistic allows InfoSec teams to securely manage all facets of their security protocols (including different tools and solutions) to identify where updates or changes need to be made.

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