Top 3 Vendor Security Management Resources for Your InfoSec Team

November 24, 2020

In today's COVID-19 world, information security and technology have become more critical than ever before. The spotlight on healthcare data combined with ongoing political and economic conversations has made personal information and corporate data even more valuable, which has made securing and protecting this information critical to any business strategy. 

InfoSec is no longer the responsibility of a small team tucked away in a basement office. Today, every single employee is expected to be knowledgeable and responsible for the health of an organization's information. While this means that modern organizations are inherently focused on protecting their critical information against threats—it has also come to pass that these threats have new tricks up their sleeves.


Resources for vendor risk management success

As fast as security teams can adapt and grow to address new threats and risks, those same malicious parties are also finding new ways to expose and uncover data. This means keeping up with new resources and insights to stay on top of the industry's latest trends. 

Here are three of our favorite resources to keep your InfoSec team up-to-date and in the loop:

1.  Security Questionnaires Overview

Every organization is different, which means every organization has its own security protocols and workflows. Luckily, the past decade or so has seen a streamline in vendor risk assessments to the point where there is a main group of industry-leading questionnaires into which all vendor security frameworks fit. This comprehensive list is a great starting point if you're wondering which assessment to implement in your organization.

2.  Info Security Magazine

In an industry where so much changes at a rapid pace, it can be hard to find a consistently updated resource with relevant topics. Info Security is the go-to resource for security professionals across the board, from vendor risk management to compliance to project management. This publication offers excellent content for InfoSec teams looking to stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and insights from across the industry.

3.  The Whistic Help Center

Vendor security is an open-source industry, which means InfoSec professionals are continually having to learn new tools and answer new questions. The Whistic Help Center has become an incredible resource for InfoSec leaders looking to ask questions about the platform. Plus, it has emerged as a go-to industry message board to start conversations and facilitate engagement with other InfoSec professionals.


Additional vendor security management resources for your team

There has never been a better time to double-down on vendor security management, and these resources are just a few of the ones available to help you reach your security goals. 

You can check out more Whistic resources here

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