Top 10 Whistic Enhancements Released in 2022

December 13, 2022

Want to get the most out of Whistic? Make sure you are leveraging the top 10 enhancements of 2022. 

Can you believe 2022 is almost over? Just yesterday, we were learning about the breach, but that was just the beginning. With so much going on, we wouldn’t be surprised if you missed some of the enormous advancements Whistic has made this past year to improve your user experience and help you streamline all aspects of the vendor assessment and customer trust process. 

Below is a listing of some of the most significant updates made to Whistic in 2022. These new features will help you get the most out of your investment in Whistic. 


1. Trust Catalog updates to drive Zero-Touch Assessments™ (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

A number of significant updates and improvements were made to the Trust Catalog this year, including hundreds of new Profiles added each month, easy access to the date a questionnaire was last updated, improved navigation to make top Profiles more easily accessible, more precise search results, and an option to require approval before a Profile published to Trust Catalog can be viewed or downloaded.

Learn more about Trust Catalog updates here.


2. Slack integration to enable visibility and actions outside of Whistic (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

You are now able to not only receive information about actions taken in Whistic, including vendor status changes, questionnaire status changes, and Profile events, but also share Profiles and approve or deny Profile share requests directly from Slack. This makes it much easier for sales teams to share Profiles without leaving the tools they are already using daily, while streamlining the admins’ approval process and shortening sales cycles.

Learn more about our Slack integration here.


3. Public Profile to power more transparency via Trust Centers (Whistic Profile)

Now, with the flip of a switch in Whistic, businesses can create a Public Profile that makes it possible for customers and prospects to preview the contents of the Profile landing page, including what questionnaires, certifications, audits, and other documents are included. If they like what they see and want to dig a little deeper by accessing documentation, they can register or log in. From there, you decide whether to grant or deny access and whether or not you require an NDA acceptance before granting access. You still have complete control over your documentation.

Learn more about Public Profile here.


4. API Webhook subscriptions to deliver a seamless connection to other systems (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

Because Whistic users often manage the vendor assessment process across multiple systems, we made it easy for you to build API webhooks that allow you to have access to up-to-date information on events happening in Whistic regardless of the solution you are working in. Webhooks make it easy for you to publish events that happen in Whistic and immediately access that information in other endpoints.

Learn how to set up API Webhooks here.


5. Nine standardized questionnaires were added to ensure broader assessment coverage (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

Over the course of the year, we added or updated a total of 12 Questionnaires. That includes three updates ( HIPPAHECVAT, and SIG 23), six new Standard Questionnaires (TIADPIACCPAMVSP, OWASP, ESG), and three new Questionnaires related to Security and Supply Chain Events (Spring4ShellUkraineOpenSSL). This increases the total of standard questionnaires available in Whistic to 45. Adopting standardized questionnaires helps streamline the vendor assessment process for vendors, which in turn reduces the amount of time spent completing assessments.

Learn more about how to use questionnaires in Whistic here.


6. Questionnaire uploader to improve the speed of assessment responses (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

It’s now possible for all users to upload completed questionnaires, regardless of format, to Whistic and have the answers mapped to the correct questionnaire in the corresponding standard questionnaire. This ensures you and your vendors won’t have to repeat work or copy and paste answers from previously completed questionnaires into Whistic, helping everyone respond to questionnaire requests even faster.

Learn how to use the questionnaire uploader feature here.

Platform 3@4x

7. Dynamic filtering and change logs in Vendor Catalog to drive efficiency and audit (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

Now you can choose from among any reportable fields to narrow down Vendor Catalog (and Customer Catalog) results to better help direct actions and improve visibility. In addition, you can now track most changes made to vendor records in the Vendor Catalog and export those changes in an audit log. The Catalog pages were also enhanced to improve overall navigation and experience.

Learn more about Vendor Catalog dynamic filtering here, and change logs here.

Platform 1@4x


8. Document analytics to deliver visibility into Profile trends (Whistic Profile)

To help you better understand which documents are most valuable to include in a Profile, we added the ability to see how many times a document has been viewed or downloaded from a Profile or other areas of Whistic. (Coming in December 2022.)


9. Basic Profile to enable more Zero-Touch Assessments™ (Whistic Assess, Whistic Profile)

In an effort to improve the quality of the Whistic Vendor Security Network and to make it possible for every vendor assessment to be a Zero-Touch Assessment™, we launched Basic Profile to ensure that all vendors are able to publish their security documentation publicly. The result is more Profiles in the Trust Catalog and a better assessment experience for Whistic customers and the companies they invite to the network.

Learn more about Basic Profile here.


10. Bulk request questionnaires from multiple vendors at once (Whistic Assess)

Assess users now have the ability to request questionnaires from multiple vendors at once. This feature will be helpful in the event Whistic creates a questionnaire related to a specific breach (e.g., Solarwinds). Additionally, it will streamline the reassessment process or if you have updates that you need to send to all of your vendors.

Learn more about Bulk Questionnaire Request here.

Platform 2@4x


To find more information on these updates and how to better incorporate them into your use of Whistic, check out our Help Center and be on the lookout for our monthly product update email following our monthly release. 


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