Tools Your InfoSec Team Needs to Be Successful in 2021

January 04, 2021

2020 threw a wrench in many people’s corporate strategies. InfoSec teams experienced their fair share of stress over the last few months as well. With so much disarray, data and information were more vulnerable to attacks than ever before. 

Heading into 2021, many InfoSec teams are looking to strengthen their data protection by investing in new tools and resources to make it easier to share data without sacrificing security.


InfoSec tools for success

The world of data privacy is continually growing and adapting to keep pace with emerging threats. The type of data your team is sending or receiving and the tools you’re using to keep this information safe must scale to keep up with the industry’s changing demands. 

Here are a few tools your team should consider in 2021:
  • A vendor risk management solution to make it easier to send and receive data from vendors. Information sharing is becoming critical to many organizations’ success, and a vendor risk management platform ensures your team can confidently send information without risk.
  • Frontline monitoring to protect your corporate data against malicious attacks. These safeguards help protect against unwanted users trying to access your private data and alert the right people if there is an attack.
  • Vulnerability assessment solutions to scan current safeguards and protocols to identify any gaps where threats could access information. These tools are a great way to make sure your existing processes and tools are sufficient to protect against threats.


Other tools to consider

Data protection is no longer the responsibility of InfoSec teams alone. As more of the workforce shifts to remote operations, investing in the right safeguards to protect private and corporate data is necessary. Here are a few additional tools to consider this year: 

  • A secure corporate messaging platform to keep your team connected. Look for a messaging platform that allows for secure file sharing and protects your team’s communications.
  • Encrypted email servers for additional safeguards against phishing and email hacks.
  • Secure internet access, such as a VPN, to keep your employees’ information safe while they’re accessing the internet from remote locations.


Get ahead in 2021 with Whistic

2021 will be a busy year for everyone trying to get back on track after the whirlwind that was 2020. Although InfoSec teams will have plenty to keep them occupied, worrying about vendor risk management security shouldn’t be the main focus. InfoSec teams can take the guesswork out of vendor risk management using the Whistic Platform. 

You can learn how Whistic makes it easy to monitor and organize vendor assessments and compliance here.

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