Tips to Automate the Vendor Assessment Process

August 26, 2021

Vendor assessments are often one of the most tedious—and manual—part of any InfoSec team’s day-to-day responsibilities. Because assessments rely heavily on input and answers from both parties, there can be a lot of waiting around until the vendor or customer in question sends their answers back over.

Like any modern workflow, however, the boom of modern technology (that is also secure enough to manage private information) has made it possible and easy for InfoSec teams to automate the vendor assessment process.


How to automate your VRM process

Here are a few tips for automating your vendor assessment process:

  • Build a Security Profile once, then easily share with vendors. 

Much of the manual work related to vendor assessments comes about when, after a vendor questionnaire is shared with your team, InfoSec team members have to go through and fill out all questionnaire answers manually. Instead of going through this manual process each time a new assessment request comes in, your team can build a holistic Security Profile and then easily share it with new vendors when a request comes through.


  • Eliminate spreadsheets by replacing them with cloud-based assessments. 

If you send out a vendor questionnaire, manually going through each one to ensure the answers are in line with your security requirements can be very tedious. Replacing questionnaire requests with a cloud-based assessment form can help automate this process. The cloud-based software can scan vendor questionnaire answers and flag ones that require follow-up, leaving your team free to focus on more critical items.


  • Easily be identified with updates that are needed rather than managing things reactively. 

The state of data security and information security moves exceptionally fast, and there are always new ideas, threats, and controls popping up that could impact your vendor assessment workflows. If your team was automatically made aware of a gap in your vendor assessment process without having to scan industry sites daily, the fix would be immediate, and you wouldn’t have to implement security controls that may already be dated themselves reactively.


How Whistic can help

Whistic is the ultimate vendor risk management platform built specifically for InfoSec teams to automate the VRM process securely. Whistic allows for a streamlined, automated vendor assessment process—without sacrificing safety. If your team is looking for a new, modern way to assess vendors or if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to establish trust with your current customers, Whistic can help. You can learn more here.

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