3 Reasons Why You Need to Include a VRM Platform in 2021

November 10, 2020

2020 has been an incredibly long year for all of us. Honestly, we’re ready to start afresh in 2021. As the past months have brought on some unique challenges for InfoSec teams, they have also revealed areas of opportunity and growth regarding how you manage your vendor security.


Set your team up for success in 2021

As your team finalizes your 2021 budgets, ensuring that a vendor security management platform is on your radar can set your team up for continued success in the next year, helping fill some of the gaps identified throughout this tumultuous year.

Here are three crucial reasons why you should include a vendor security management platform in your 2021 budget planning:

1. Threats and hackers are only going to become stronger and more adept in the months to come. 

If it seems as though InfoSec teams have been dealing with this vicious cycle for years, it’s because they have. For every new solution or innovation on the information security side, there is one on the malicious side. 

Technology is becoming increasingly more powerful. A dedicated vendor risk management platform ensures that InfoSec teams can access the most recent and updated technology they need to protect their data.


2. This past year has exposed vendor risk as an especially vulnerable area, which means attacks may increase in 2021. 

While the world’s attention was focused on the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, many hackers were able to slip through undetected and cause havoc on corporate security infrastructures. 

In 2020, vendor risk was a particularly vulnerable area. Now that threats have taken notice, InfoSec teams need to take a proactive step to bolster their defenses against these attacks in 2021.


3. Now is the time to address areas of challenge or gaps that were exposed in 2020. 

Over the past few months, many organizations were forced to re-learn how to do business in an entirely new world remotely. For InfoSec teams, working remote opened up the door to a slew of new challenges, including ensuring internal team members understood the new rules of online security. 

Investing in a vendor security management platform in 2021 can give InfoSec leaders the tools and resources they need to successfully mitigate risk and educate other team members on the importance of risk management.  


Whistic: the ultimate vendor security management platform

2021 stands to be a year when proactive vendor security can make or break an organization. SaaS organizations no longer have the luxury of waiting for data to be at-risk before taking steps to protect it from security threats. 

Whistic gives InfoSec teams the tools and resources they need to implement a proactive vendor management workflow for new vendors while ensuring current vendors, partners, and clients have the security and protection they need.

You can learn more here.

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