September 2021 Product Release

October 05, 2021

Our Security Profile for Salesforce customers will be happy to see the next round of updates for that application in this release.


Vendor Trust Catalog Opt-Ins

After sharing a questionnaire, vendors can also choose to share the results to the Trust Catalog. This only applies to industry recognized security standards, such as the CAIQ, CIS, SIG, etc.

There are two different options to publish to the Trust Catalog:

  • Available on demand - Whistic customers can access the questionnaire without any action needed from the vendor.

  • Requires approval - When a Whistic customer is attempting to view the questionnaire, Whistic will email the vendor and request approval to access it.

Vendors can go HERE for more information.


Security Profile

SOC 3 Badge Available

Keep your Profile updated with the newly available SOC 3 badge. Simply open and edit your Profile to include.


Security Profile for Salesforce

We continue expanding the capabilities of Security Profile's Salesforce integration. Here are the latest round of improvements:

  1. Profile Share Permission Matrix - SF Admins can now select which users (ie. Sales Reps) can share which profiles for greater flexibility and control. For more detail on this, click here.

  2. Create New Contact - Quicker sharing from the Contact Object. The 'Create New Contact' is now on the final page, bypassing the 'Select Contact' page and saving time!

  3. Profile Auto-Select - If there is only one profile enabled in SF, it is now pre-selected automatically. If there are multiple profiles enabled, no profile is pre-selected.

  4. Version Number - To assist with troubleshooting and upgrading, the app version number is now displayed on the Home screen.

  5. Viewed Date - This is now a default data column in the Share History. The other default columns are Name, Date, NDA, and Response. Admins can customize these columns.

  6. AND... Required Fields Indicated and Grouped - We updated the order of the fields on the Verify screen so that all the required fields are grouped at the front and optional fields are last with an indication they are optional.

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