Overcome Security Issues Raised by Cloud Computing

April 08, 2022

If you’ve been working in InfoSec for a while, you’ve seen your fair share of security protocols and controls. First, it was on-prem hardware that, while challenging for external threats to access, required substantial manual effort to protect. Then, network-based data sharing opened up security controls to threats outside your four walls, but the security technology was there to limit access and safeguard data. Today, however, cloud-based computing comes with its own challenges and opportunities.


Issues and resolutions in the era of cloud computing

Cloud-based computing and data sharing open up plenty of holes in information security that weren’t there a few years ago. Without any transparent ‘walls’ to protect your information, malicious threats can come from anywhere, making it harder than ever to safeguard your protected information.

Here are some options for overcoming some of the most significant security issues raised by cloud computing: 

  • Issue: Open-source access | Resolution: Increased access controls

One of the biggest threats to cloud computing is the ability for an unlimited number of access points. When your data is stored ‘in the cloud,’ the security controls in place to prevent malicious attacks can also be accessed or compromised from anywhere, increasing the threats. One of the most important things to keep in mind regarding cloud computing is access controls. By limiting access to your cloud-based data, your team can add an additional level of privacy and security without shutting your information off completely from vendors or partners.


  • Issue: Changing protocols | Resolution: Flexible protocols that allow for updates as needed

The ability of cloud-based technology to constantly be updated and optimized is one of the most significant benefits of this technology. Unfortunately, if you are working with multiple vendor controls and trying to make sure every connection is withheld during these changes, things can slip through the cracks. Instead of constantly living in fear of an unknown change or update in your vendor controls, your team should invest in flexible security technology that allows for automatic updates to security controls. Your team can be automatically notified of an update and make changes before issues get out of hand.


  • Issue: Manual error | Resolution: Ongoing education and training

One of the biggest threats to corporate data privacy and security in the age of cloud computing is manual error and mistakes made by internal employees. All it takes is one employee to create the smallest gap for a malicious threat, and all of your organization’s private information will be at risk. To reduce the chance of manual error, it’s critical to invest in your team's ongoing education and training to recognize and prevent data threats. Whether this is standardized through onboarding or programs like HIPAA training or spearheaded by your InfoSec team itself, all of your employees should know how to help out in the name of information security.


Optimize your security controls with Whistic 

With Whistic, your InfoSec team can build an optimized, flexible, and scalable vendor risk management program that considers cloud computing on a foundational level. You can learn more and get started with Whistic here.

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