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Beyond Security Theater: Is Your TPRM Program Just for Show?

In Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), the objectives remain constant, yet the technologies and processes used have drastically changed. Legacy TPRM programs are stuck—holding on to outdated methods, failing to adapt, and struggling to articulate their program's value to stakeholders. At best, these programs resemble compliance functions; at worst, they're mere security theater. 

It's time to get real and unmask legacy TPRM for what it is. Transitioning to a modern TPRM approach, leveraging AI and dynamic methodologies, is imperative. Early adopters are proving that this shift yields results faster and with fewer resources. Forward-thinking leaders are ignoring old practices and embracing a more modern approach, causing a severe case of FOMO among legacy programs. Join us to explore the path to a TPRM strategy that’s ready for the future. 

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