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Go Phish: The Impact of ChatGPT on Security and the Role of the CISO

People are the biggest weakness in any security strategy, and that’s why phishing attacks are targeted toward employees personally. Now—thanks to AI—any hacker with minimal skill can convincingly mimic bosses, executives, and coworkers to hone the most successful phishing approach instantly. That alone is a huge risk, but there’s also Open APIs between systems and third parties and the use of AI by engineers to make coding easier. It's enough to drive a CISO into early retirement!

Well, Whistic CISO Jake Bernardes isn’t going anywhere. In this session, Bernardes offers a detailed look into:

  • Identifying the true risks of AI for your business and making them acceptable 
  • The new role of the CISO in a world transformed by AI
  • Actually embracing AI’s potential—without having to fear the End of Days
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