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Don't Believe the Hype: The Robots are Coming!

ChatGPT may not have written this, but the human who did is thinking a lot about job security these days. The robots are not only coming, but they have arrived in this new world filled with all things AI, and along with stirring up fears around being replaceable, they are bringing their cybersecurity boogeymen along for the ride.  

But in the new world of AI, what’s real and what’s hype? 

That’s the question we’ll tackle in this free webinar. In this session, a Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer will discuss:

  • What all the AI chatter really means—what’s possible, what’s not, and who should care
  • Whether AI poses an existential cybersecurity threat and how to protect against it
  • How to use today’s AI effectively and responsibly—and how to plan for what’s next   

This session is a must-watch for anyone afraid of a robot breach…or anyone rolling their eyes at the thought. 

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