#1 Tip for Building Your Vendor Security Process

December 08, 2020

The last few months have been eye-opening for many, and it has been no different for those in the InfoSec world. With many organizations’ attention and focus directed elsewhere, malicious attacks have, unfortunately, been on the rise for many industries and sectors.

For this reason, organizations are looking to boost their risk management teams and double-down on security protocols. Vendor risk management is a significant part of this process, especially in today’s hyper-connected world. Whether you’re looking to start building a robust vendor security process from the ground up or looking for new ways to augment your current processes, there are tools and solutions on the market to make it easier for your team.


The #1 tip for building your vendor security process

 The entire concept of vendor risk management includes multiple different processes, protocols, and workflows. But at the core, all of these processes are in place to mitigate risk and eliminate manual error. Vendor risk management processes should make it easier for your company to do business with new customers, partners, and vendors – it shouldn’t stand in the way of making your business move forward. 

This is why our number one tip for building your vendor security process is to make security a priority across your entire organization. Taking security seriously is a huge first step in making it easier for your team to do business. If everyone in your organization, from executives to board members to coordinators, aren’t on board with this thought process, then you will still have holes in your security workflows no matter how hard you try.

Starting from the top, work with the leaders and decision-makers in your organization to give your InfoSec the platform and resources needed to implement strong vendor risk protocols. Educate your organization on the risks at stake and show them how critical taking small steps (such as two-factor authentication or encrypted emails) is to your business's overarching success.


Whistic helps make vendor security a priority

Investing in vendor risk management is a practical first step towards giving InfoSec teams the tools they need to be successful. With a dedicated risk management platform like Whistic, your team can build templates that make it easy for every person in your organization to be involved with the security process. Compiling content and information for different vendors and then making these documents available for different teams outside of the InfoSec team gives other members of your organization the power and freedom to own a small part of the larger risk management process. 

When everyone has a stake in the safety and security of your organization’s private data, they feel more responsible and invested in the process as a whole. That is why our biggest tip is for InfoSec teams to stop hiding behind process and tradition and to share the stake of vendor risk management across a company.

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