March 2021 Product Release

March 25, 2021

We’re excited to announce a number of new feature updates and enhancements that will improve your experience utilizing the Whistic Platform. 


Security Profile


Better NDA tracking

Did your Profile recipient request a copy of the NDA they agreed to while accessing your Profile? No worries! You can download and send them a copy.

Share Profiles with Multiple Recipients

Share your profile with multiple recipients from the start! Once you select Share Profile, a window will appear where you can add as many recipients as needed. Here is more information on sharing or managing a shared profile

Profile Shares Default to Subscription

Profile shares default to ‘Subscription’ rather than ‘Snapshot’ for newly created Profiles. This Subscription level access means that whenever a recipient logs in to view your Profile, they will see the most updated version.

You can adjust this setting by opening your profile and then selecting Profile Options > Share Settings. A window will appear allowing you to choose between Snapshot and Subscription.


Vendor Risk Management


Improved Trust Catalog Import Notifications

When a user imports a vendor from the Trust Catalog, Whistic Admins are notified. We clarified this notification to contain exactly who imported which vendor.

Better Version Control for Questionnaires

Updated questionnaires include the version number in the title everywhere the questionnaire is visible.

Updated Reassessment Notifications

The reassessment email has been updated to clarify that vendors will be able to reuse their answers from previously completed questionnaires.

New Trust Catalog Filter

There is a new toggle at the top of the Trust Catalog that will filter the vendors to show all the vendors you have imported to your Vendor Catalog.



General Updates

Bypass file scan

Occasionally, you may need to upload a password protected document to some area of Whistic. Since Whistic defaults to scan every file, you will need to disable the scan in order to upload some documents.

You will see a new checkbox to indicate whether or not to scan the document. If you do not see this box, it means the feature is not enabled for your account.



Improved Experience for Guest Users

The view for guest users was simplified. They will only see the Dashboard with any to-do items, in addition to the Trust Catalog and Questionnaire page.


Learn how Whistic brings together industry-leading standards into a single source of truth, reducing business friction and speeding sales cycles. 

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