Maintaining compliance in a world with increasing regulations

July 27, 2022

In recent years as companies gained access to more and more private, customer data, governments in many geographies developed regulations geared towards protecting their citizens from having that data exploited or compromised due to lax security standards. Although laws like GDPR in the EU and CCPA in California were created to protect citizens in those areas, they apply to all entities that collect and process data from residents in those areas.

One of the top priorities for infosec and cyber security practitioners according to recent research by Whistic and RiskRecon is compliance to security and governmental regulations. To ensure compliance has been achieved, we recommend self-assessing against the questionnaires and frameworks associated with the laws and regulations your business is subject to.


Self-assess to ensure compliance

Once each questionnaire is completed, it’s easy for you to identify security controls you need to improve upon in order to become compliant. This process can be easily managed using a tool like Whistic Profile that has many of the questionnaires needed like the aforementioned GDPR and CCPA along with others like HIPAA. The tools enable your entire team to collaborate on the self assessment, identify potential problem areas, and build out a plan of action that ensures any shortcomings are addressed.



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Repurpose self-assessments in Whistic Profile

One of the biggest benefits of using Whistic Profile as a self assessment tool is you can take those completed questionnaires and package them together along with the rest of your security documentation including all of your certifications and audits, and share them proactively with your customers—killing two birds with one stone.

Taking the time to complete these self assessments might seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but once it’s complete, your infosec and cybersecurity teams can focus on more important tasks, like ensuring your company’s ecosystem is secure as opposed to spending time responding to one-off questionnaire requests.


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