Late 2019 Whistic Product Updates

December 28, 2019

The latest product updates and exciting enhancements to the Whistic Platform:

  1. Customizable Data Classifications now available
  2. Communicating with vendors in the Whistic platform
  3. Request all versions of industry standard questionnaires
  4. Additional Security Profile controls
  5. We make it easy for vendors to collaborate with their peers

1. Customizable Data Classifications

Rather than mold your Data Risk Classification strategy to fit a set of default constraints, you can now customize your data classifications to meet your program’s demands.

Choose from among 10 different classification options. In addition, automate your vendor security reviews by assigning each vendor a corresponding renewal frequency and/or cadence.

2. Communicate with your Vendors in the Whistic Platform

You can now expand the built-in messaging tool for a better view of conversations. To begin a new conversation, a question must be marked using one of the review options: Needs Clarification (for external conversation with a vendor) or a Flag (for an internal conversation).

During a review, each question will have its own conversation thread. These threads are used to clarify comments, request additional information, etc. You can access this pop out by selecting Expand in the comment box or by selecting Vendor Comments once a vendor has replied.

3. Request any version of industry standard questionnaires

Each questionnaire will now have all current and previous versions available for use. To access previous versions, open the drop-down when selecting the questionnaire.

4. Additional Security Profile Controls

After sharing your Security Profile, you can now manage follow up actions in a new sub-menu. To access the sub-menu, just select the corresponding row. Once open, you can, 1) Add additional recipients, 2) Cancel the outstanding share, and 3) Access the link to manually share.

Additionally, you can display the date when the recipient viewed your profile right from the Customer Catalog.

5. Vendors Can Add Collaborators

The individual that receives the questionnaire request may need assistance answering questions. To add a collaborator, the recipient simply needs to select the + sign in the top center of the questionnaire. Next, enter the information of the additional recipient. The added colleague will receive an invitation to join work on the questionnaire.

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