July 2021 Product Release

August 05, 2021

The release was almost exclusively focused on the RiskRecon data integration into Whistic.


RiskRecon + Whistic

InfoSec teams have a number of tools at their disposal to assess risk, including questionnaires, certificates, audits, and other security documentation provided by the vendor. But it’s also important to have continuous, objective visibility of your entire internet risk surface.

That’s where Whistic’s partnership with RiskRecon comes into play. Whistic pulls RiskRecon cybersecurity ratings into the vendor record to give you full insight into your third-party vendors’ security posture to help you make the best decision about which vendors to bring into your environment.

Because security assessments only provide you with a point-in-time view of your vendors’ risk posture, Whistic’s integration with RiskRecon ensures you always have up-to-date risk information in case something changes.

For more information on using or setting this up for your account, contact your Customer Success Manager or support@whistic.com.


Vendor Risk Management


Unlimited Vendor Intake Workflows & Rules

We removed all workflow and rule restrictions from the Program Automation vendor intake process. Now, let workflow rules automate your vendor intake process by setting up rules, conditions, and actions for nearly every piece of data you gather.

This is available for all VRM customers. Learn more here.

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