How Whistic’s Security Profile is Like a LinkedIn Profile

March 20, 2018

Over the last decade, LinkedIn has become the leader in the professional profile, networking, and job search market. Nearly everyone in business across any industry in any region around the world has a LinkedIn profile and diligently updates it whenever a change is made, whenever a certification or test is passed, or whenever an award or recommendation is earned.

In the same way that LinkedIn has established itself in the professional arena, the Whistic team sees many similarities between a robust LinkedIn profile and, you guessed it, a security profile. Just like individuals spend hours tweaking and recording details of their professional lives on LinkedIn, the technology landscape is demanding a similar approach to security postures for third party vendor assessments. No InfoSec team has time to respond to hundreds of custom questions or compile unique sets of documentation for every single customer or potential partnership — especially considering that most companies have hundreds or thousands of existing customers, and add hundreds each year.

Let’s take a look at how the Whistic Security Profile is ushering in the new era of security reviews:

The New Era of Vendor AssessmentsThe Security Profile

Just like the consummate professional creates her LinkedIn profile to communicate her professional qualifications and skills, forward-thinking companies are creating security profiles to communicate their security and compliance posture. InfoSec teams can now build a robust security profile on Whistic and take a more strategic approach to owning and sharing their security posture. What are some of the keys to building an effective and up-to-date security profile? They aren’t actually all that much different from keeping a LinkedIn profile current:

  • Know what to include (and what to leave off)
  • Keep your profile alive (update it consistently!)
  • Be sure the message is on-brand and accurately reflects the company’s current state

This article says it best: “…Your [LinkedIn] profile can’t just be a storage unit for career contacts — it needs to be a living, breathing record of your professional life.”

In the same way, your security profile goal should be to build not just a storage unit for your security and compliance documentation, but a living, breathing record of your company’s security and compliance posture. With Whitic’s vendor assessment platform, achieving that goal is easier than ever before, and it’s setting a new standard for how third party vendor assessments will occur in the future. The best part? Once built, the security profile can be shared over and over, and can be updated in an ongoing manner.

Want to learn how to get started with building your Whistic security profile?

Check out our resources below for more best practices and insights on how your organization can effectively respond to security questionnaires:

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