How to Make Security the Foundation of Vendor Relationships

September 15, 2021

It has become increasingly common in the modern SaaS landscape for sales to be at the forefront of many corporate strategies. While this is satisfactory—recurring revenue, after all, drives the bottom-line of any organization—there is a secret weapon emerging for sales teams to be even more effective in their roles: a strong vendor security presence.

Whether you are a SaaS vendor looking to be more proactive and productive with your customers or a large organization with multiple vendor partnerships, having a solid foundation of data security controls can eliminate many unnecessary risks from your operations. The one good thing about malicious data threats is that they are preventable—with the proper controls and transparent communication.

Here’s how your team can make security the foundation of your vendor/customer relationships:


Position vendor security as a relationship advantage

Because vendor risk management is often a complex and tedious process, many sales conversations tend to push off these conversations until the last minute. By then, things are often too far along to warrant in-depth risk assessments or audits. Instead of avoiding these conversations, your team can highlight your attention to security controls and position vendor risk management as an advantage of partnering with your organization.


Set your team up to be proactive with vendor risk management

If you’re genuinely looking to make security a foundational aspect of anything that has to do with your internal sales process—a department that is notorious for moving fast and doing anything to close the deal—then you must be working with a vendor risk management solution that is as flexible and transparent as your sales team. This means saying "goodbye" to spreadsheets, email chains, and tedious back-and-forth with clients and "hello" to automation, cloud-based data sharing, and more. InfoSec teams can make it easy for salespeople to share security controls with potential vendors or customers with just one click, all while maintaining editing rights and keeping an eye on the critical documentation as needed.


Leverage data to constantly be improving 

Often, vendor risk management can quickly spiral out of control with so much coming in and going out all at once. High-performance InfoSec teams can stay on top of their vendor risk management game by building a holistic picture of all vendor security information and then reporting on this data for even more insights and takeaways. With this information at hand, your team can easily view and understand all the vendor/customer relationships in play, the potential security threats for each, and the controls in place for every partnership.


Make the most of your vendor/customer relationship with Whistic

Whistic is the modern vendor risk management platform for vendors and customers alike looking to unlock the full potential of their security operations. From full-scale automation to best-in-class transparency and flexibility for sales teams, Whistic can help you take your vendor and customer relationships to the next level.

You can learn more about Whistic here.

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