Empower Your Sales Team to Respond to Security Questionnaires

September 26, 2018

As a security leader, the last thing you (or your already-strapped InfoSec team) have time for is to respond to security questionnaires from prospective customers and even current customers who are up for renewal. While it’s key to respond to these requests in a timely manner, they can add up fast — especially if your company is scaling up quickly. In today’s age of security paranoia, prospects are doing the right thing by vetting new partners and evaluating up front if the potential partnership has any flaws in its security posture. Thankfully, there’s a solution that allows your InfoSec team to have full control of the questionnaire responses while freeing up valuable time by allowing your sales team to actually deliver the response.

How is this possible? In this article, we’ll explore how Whistic’s vendor assessment platform combines features like a Security Profile, share-only role, audit trail via the Customer Catalog, multiple profiles and NDA functionality to eliminate the need for you to respond to every security questionnaire. Let’s take a look at how each component can help your InfoSec team rest easy while having certainty that you’re prospective and current customers are getting the security answers they require:

Whistic’s Security Profile

When your company leverages Whistic’s Security Profile™, a questionnaire request from a prospective or current customer can trigger a simple “share” of a pre-built profile in a matter of a few clicks. Whistic’s Security Profile allows sales teams to expedite their deals while your InfoSec team can streamline the response process, satisfying both parties and ultimately helping the company’s bottom line at the same time. Here’s how that’s possible:

  • Shorten sales cycles: eliminate the security review bottleneck in your sales process
  • Generate trust: a proactive response signals that you have a more mature security program
  • Bring on the security reviews: enable your reps to project confidence and turn the tables during a review
  • Use a segmentation strategy: be smarter about where you deploy your limited resources
  • Eliminate waste: keep your reps selling and eliminate wasted time spent on security reviews

Share-Only Role

Instead of manually filling out lengthy security questionnaires for every prospective or current customer, your InfoSec team can empower sales to easily share an updated, compliant, and comprehensive security profile directly with prospects using Whistic’s share-only role settings. This allows your team to keep information fresh and up-to-date and manage all content, while allowing the sales team to easily share the responses with requestors (without sharing old versions or changing any responses). The end result? Both sides are happy with the process and the responses are always consistent and accurate.

Audit Trail via Whistic’s Customer Catalog

As an InfoSec leader, you need to understand what’s happening across the entire organization as it relates to security. With Whistic’s Customer Catalog, you have the ability to see a complete audit trail that gives you real-time insight into:

  • Who shared what security information and compliance documentation
  • Who they shared that information with
  • When that individual shared the responses
  • When the recipient agreed to your NDA
  • And finally, when (or if) the responses were viewed by the requesting party

This level of insight is key for InfoSec leaders so you can monitor activity, but also to have on hand should a situation arise that requires them to prove the actions that took place. This audit trail is also helpful in sales circumstances when a sales rep is taken off a deal, leaves a team, or moves on from the company. In these scenarios, the sales leader can ensure that every prospective or current customer gets the information they need in a timely manner.

Multiple Profile and NDA Functionality

As sales teams can vouch, no two customers are ever exactly alike, which means that their security questions will also vary. Sales teams always have to consider factors like industry, market segment, size of customer, product need, and so on. Now, your InfoSec team can create multiple Security Profiles based on these factors and many others. Much like the standard Security Profile feature discussed above, sales teams can pick and choose the right profile to share with prospective or current customers, based on their unique needs and demographics.

Additionally, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) workflow is available in each Whistic Security Profile . This allows your team to require your prospective and current customers to agree to your custom NDA — all built directly within the platform.

Sales teams have a difficult enough job as it is — they’re constantly on the hook to deliver bigger deals, more activity, and better conversions. At the same time, InfoSec teams have the monumental task of ensuring the organization — and all of its stakeholders — are safe from security breaches and other threats. Neither team has time to waste, which is why Whistic’s vendor assessment platform is the perfect companion for both teams.

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