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Work Smarter not Harder with the Whistic + RFPIO Integration

Whistic - RFPIO

It’s no secret that responding to security questionnaires is a time consuming process. According to Whistic’s 2021 State of Vendor Security Assessments, responding to questionnaires adds 6.3 days to a sales cycle on average, and if the questionnaire needs clarification or follow up as clarification requests can add just over 4 days to the process.

As the old saying goes, “Time kills all deals,” and there are many salespeople who have lost a deal or missed their quota because they couldn’t respond to a questionnaire quickly enough. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whistic’s integration with RFPIO simplifies the questionnaire response process by enabling you to utilize answers from your RFPIO Answer Library that you’ve already completed inside a questionnaire in Whistic. This results in faster response times, which means happier customers, and leads to a faster sales cycle.

Consolidate answers

In the past, answers to security questionnaires were spread out across the company—in spreadsheets, emails, and other documents—with many different individuals, which made them difficult to access. Businesses that integrate Whistic and RFPIO know exactly where their answers are and how to access them.

Build a robust Profile

Once you’ve completed a questionnaire (or two or three) in Whistic, it’s time to build a robust Profile that includes not just questionnaires, but all of your security documentation, certificates, and audits. This ensures customers gain access to all your information at once, making it easy for them to make a decision about your business. It also means that all that work you did completing questionnaires didn’t go to waste. It can be used over and over again by your sales team.

Publish and share

Once your Profile is complete, you should make it as accessible as possible. You can start by publishing it to the Whistic Trust Catalog, where it can be accessed by Whistic users to conduct zero-touch assessments of your business. Additionally, Whistic makes it easy for you to embed a link to the security and compliance page of your website, where customers can request access to all of your security documentation. Finally, you should empower your sales team to share your profile with all of their prospects at the outset of their relationship, which will build trust early and help you close deals faster.

How the RFPIO integration works

  • Create an RFPIO project from inside of a questionnaire in Whistic.
  • Utilize the Answer Library in RFPIO to respond to the questionnaire.
  • Push the answers back to Whistic to send the completed questionnaire to the customer.

You can learn more about this integration by watching this short video or requesting a demo today.

Getting Started