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Why Transparent Security Policies Remove Barriers to Sales

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Over the last few years, open-source CRM platforms and deal management solutions have made it easier than ever for sales teams to efficiently move deals through the pipeline and get more done with less. Unfortunately, one aspect of most SaaS sales cycles is often forgotten about until it’s too late—the vendor security assessment. Vendor assessments often slow down the sales cycle and put a wrench in the well-laid plans of a sales cycle.

Establishing transparency in vendor security

One of the reasons why vendor assessments often take so long is the manual back-and-forth of vendor assessments and questionnaires. From filling out yet another risk assessment to sending responses to validation and review, there is just too much room for manual error to risk moving things along too quickly.

What if, however, InfoSec teams could get ahead of vendor assessments and remove these unnecessary barriers to the sales cycle? By publishing security protocols, over-communicating security policies with your sales team, and automating processes where possible, InfoSec teams can steadily work towards a fully transparent operation.

Pushing a transparent security agenda can help remove barriers to sales by:

  • Giving potential vendors a baseline to begin security assessments before closing the deal.
  • Educating sales reps and giving them the information they need to speak on security data confidently.
  • Granting vendors access to security protocols in advance of scheduled assessments.
  • Establishing a reputation of security and privacy in your industry.

Get started with Whistic

The Whistic vendor risk management platform gives InfoSec teams the tools they need to set up a transparency security workflow in their organization. By building a Whistic Profile and then securely publishing public information, InfoSec teams can jumpstart the vendor risk management process and move the sales process along.

Additionally, Whistic makes it easy to give internal stakeholders access to security information and protocols. Your sales team members can quickly review vendor security controls and share relevant data with customers, and your InfoSec colleagues don’t have to worry about unplanned changes or edits. Whistic gives your team the ability to be transparent internally and externally without compromising security.

You can learn more about establishing transparent security policies by subscribing to the Whistic blog or scheduling your personal look at the Whistic platform here.

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