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Why Security Should Be a Top Sales Talking Point

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As many modern SaaS organizations have learned over the past few years (or are, hopefully, learning), InfoSec resources and security conversations are no longer relegated to post-sales implementation conversations. Instead, security is now one of the most critical parts of any sales process—and here’s why.

1. Good security controls can be a differentiator in the sales process.

Every time an organization enters into a partnership, some inherent risk is involved. As security threats have become more severe, finding the right partners to minimize this risk and ensure the protection of protected data for both customers, partners, and employees is critical. During the sales process, discussing specific details around security controls and privacy protocols can be a massive differentiator in the sales process, alongside things like product features and even price.

2. Your prospective customers, vendors, and/or partners can start working ahead before the ink is dry.

Completing modern security questionnaires – and doing them correctly to ensure no errors or gaps – can take a notoriously long time to complete. By sharing security protocols during the sales process, both InfoSec teams can get to work on their respective assets to help shorten the implementation timeline and move the deal along faster. Getting a head start can also help identify any red flags or issues that, if they had come up when the deal was already closed, would have caused a considerable roadblock in the partnership.

3. Even a small conversation can help build a reputation in your industry.

As anyone who works in SaaS understands intimately, not every deal goes through. Suppose your team has a winning vendor risk management strategy, and these controls are brought up in a sales conversation. In that case, this small bit of recognition can go a long way to building a reputation in your industry. Even if the deal is lost, the prospective vendor or customer will no doubt bring up your security controls in future conversations, sharing the word of your team’s attention to security and privacy. This word-of-mouth can work wonders to build your team’s – and, by proxy, your organization’s – reputation as an industry leader.

Want to learn more?

Vendor risk management is a constantly changing and evolving part of InfoSec. Your team needs the right tools and solutions to grow alongside your security needs. Whistic is more than just a vendor risk management tool. It can help your team develop the proper vendor risk controls, strategies, and methods that work for your internal stakeholders, customers, and partners. With Whistic, your team can scale your vendor partnerships without sacrificing effort, resources, or security.

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