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Whistic Security Profile: Zero-Touch Assessments

Security Profile

When it comes to completing the time-consuming and often dreaded security review, your team needs to eliminate the low-priority requests to invest your time in the most pressing items. In today's climate, most companies routinely assess their vendors, which means requests to your Information Security team will continue to grow.

One of the most surprising things we've learned is that Information Security teams are often spending just as much time responding to questions from sales prospects as they are asking questions of the third parties who pose very real security risks to their company.

Whistic Security Profile

Our customers are regularly asked to respond to security reviews by their prospects and customers. Using the Whistic Security Profile, they streamline sharing multiple questionnaires, documents, audits, and certifications—while at the same time tracking who it was sent to and how long they have access. They can even have multiple profiles for multiple products, with varying levels of detail. The Whistic Profile gives companies three critical capabilities:

  1. The ability to store and share multiple security questionnaires (CAIQ, HECVAT, ISO 27001, etc.)
  2. Representing their capabilities by including supporting documentation, audits, and certifications to their profile
  3. Tracking and controlling who has access to their profile and for how long

One predefined Security Profile may not meet everyone's requirements, but most companies are surprised how often there are no additional questions after sharing their profile. We call those zero-touch assessments.

Not Yet a Whistic Customer?

If your Information Security team is drowning in questionnaires, it's time to take advantage of theWhistic Security Profile. By using the Whistic Platform, you can build, manage, and share your security posture instantly. A properly crafted profile generates trust and signals that your team places a high priority on security. It's also your first line of defense in responding to questionnaires from prospects and customers. How much time could your team save if they shaved off most of the requests your organization receives each month? Where could they invest that time to help your business stay secure and grow?

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