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Whistic Salesforce Integration Launch

Whistic - Salesforce

InfoSec teams have a lot on their plates every single day. From monitoring and maintaining compliance to ensuring that internal team members don’t inadvertently put a company’s data at risk, there is no shortage of to-dos. Incredibly, this is all before taking into account one of the most time-consuming responsibilities of an InfoSec team—assisting internal team members with data gathering.

Why Do Sales Teams Need Access to Security Information?

Every time a salesperson or procurement manager has a new client or partner in the queue, there needs to be a security assessment to ensure that the third party that will be accessing your organization’s data is secure and compliant (and vice-versa). Often, sales teams—and other parts of an organization—don’t have direct access to this information, which is why they will come directly to an InfoSec team with their questions.

This means that—on top of all their other responsibilities—security professionals will often spend much of their time manually gathering data and responding to incoming security reviews from other parts of the business.

Introducing Whistic's Salesforce Integration

For modern InfoSec teams, this doesn’t need to be the norm. This is why Whistic is excited to announce our integration with the Salesforce cloud platform, allowing salespeople and other users to access your team’s Whistic Security Profile easily and securely share this information directly from Salesforce with a customer, prospect, or partner.

While security teams still have complete control and permission access over their Security Profiles, the Whistic integration makes it easy for the rest of an organization to leverage this information, share with others, and track who accessed what and when.

Easy Setup in Salesforce

While viewing a contact in Salesforce, simply click a button to share yoursecurity profile,and you’re done! The shared record will include all the information included in your Whistic Security Profile as well as the contact information of the sharer and recipient, NDA status, the share date, share status, and viewed date.

The best part? If your team is already using Salesforce and Whistic, this integration takes around 15 minutes to set up. InfoSec teams can go from manually monitoring and responding to inbound security reviews to putting the power in the hands of their sales team in just a few clicks.

Staying Proactive in the SaaS Economy

The modern SaaS economy is all about moving quickly and being proactive. By giving the people on the front lines the power to share and receive Security Profiles with customers, some organizations may even receive your security information before they ask. Being proactive means building trust with prospective customers, shortening the timeline of a deal, and establishing your organization as a thought leader in your field.

The Whistic Profile Salesforce integration puts the power in the user’s hand, which means salespeople can close deals faster, and InfoSec teams will have more time in their day.

If you’re ready to make sure you’re working with the most proactive, future-proof vendor assessment platform on the market, theWhisticteam is here to help. Our organization is full of security gurus who can help make sure that your security posture is up to speed and identify any vulnerable areas or gaps that need help. Learn more to get started here.

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