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Whistic and Google Cloud collaborate to enable proactive vendor security

Whistic - Google Cloud

Our customers understand that transparency is vital when addressing the growing challenges related to vendor risk management. Google Cloud continues to demonstrate its commitment to transparency by becoming the latest vendor to announce the availability of their Profile in the Whistic Trust Catalog.

The collaboration between Google Cloud and Whistic is part of Google Cloud’s efforts to proactively build trust with customers. The Google Cloud team recognized customers’ need to have completed, accurate security questionnaires available on the leading vendor risk management platforms, including Whistic. The Whistic Trust Catalog enables customers to have ready access to these completed questionnaires.

Whistic has worked with Google Cloud to perform an assessment on the Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace products. Whistic obtained and reviewed documentation, including audit reports, certifications, policies, procedures, and other evidence, to verify that key controls have been implemented. The details and results are summarized in a comprehensive Whistic Profile that will provide existing and potential customers with a single location to access the Google Cloud Assessment Report and detailed control write-ups with references back to supporting documentation.

The Google Cloud Profile is now available in the Whistic Trust Catalog for any organization interested in assessing Google’s security posture and can be viewed as a complement to Google Cloud’s robust Compliance Resource Center and Compliance Manager, which enables current and potential customers to proactively view the latest security information without the need to send lengthy spreadsheet questionnaires. Google’s Whistic Profile is a one-stop repository of security information, including an independent assessment of Google Cloud by Whistic detailing their adherence with the latest industry standards and key controls.

“Our collaboration with Whistic highlights Google Cloud’s dedication to security transparency and customer trust. Whistic provides a solution to help Google Cloud efficiently and proactively meet our customers’ due diligence, vendor risk management, and regulatory compliance needs. This is yet another way Google Cloud is demonstrating its commitment to be the industry’s most trusted cloud provider, ” said Rani Urbas, Global Head of Enterprise Trust for Google Cloud.

Through this commitment, current and potential customers can now save weeks of back and forth during their assessment process by leveraging the Google Cloud Profile in the Whistic Trust Catalog. Whistic also enables these customers to streamline their vendor risk management process beyond just the initial assessment. Automated and streamlined reviews are made possible throughout the entire relationship, whether it be continuous monitoring or reassessments.

“Whistic’s mission is to empower the world to put security first,” said Nick Sorensen, CEO of Whistic, “and this announcement proves how our innovation in vendor security enables leading organizations to do just that. We are excited to partner with Google Cloud and help directly address the pains associated with vendor assessment questionnaires for the benefit of Google and our Vendor Security Network participants.”

Interested companies can learn more about this collaboration on Google Cloud’s Compliance Offering page or they can request access to the Google Cloud Profile in the Whistic Trust Catalog here or the Google Workspace Profile here.

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