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New Issue Management Capabilities for Whistic Assess Customers

New Capabilities for Issue Management

Empowering teams to track, catalog, remediate, and report on Issues.

The Whistic Vendor Security Network is the best way to automate your end-to-end vendor assessment program. With robust vendor risk management capabilities turbocharged by the world’s most trusted vendor security network, we are on a mission to empower the world to put security first. As the first of two releases for Whistic’s new Issue Management Suite, we are taking a powerful step forward on this mission.

Aimed at giving you a powerful new set of tools to track, catalog, remediate, and report on Issues (i.e., tickets), Whistic Assess customers will have access to capabilities beyond the current Assessment Review workflow and a new “home base” to manage Issues throughout the assessment lifecycle. We’ve worked closely with many of our customers to deliver capabilities that will bring this important Issue Management process fully into your Whistic environment in the coming months, driving greater efficiency, additional automation, streamlined communication, as well as powerful risk metrics and reporting.

Let’s explore a few of the finer details of this new functionality by looking at the top five things for you to get excited about in this release, as well as a sneak peek of what is coming next for Issue Management.

1. “Issue Tracking” suite will serve as the new home for all Issues

2. Create an Issue, link it to a specific vendor, and add issue details

3. Easily edit or update Issues after creation

4. Catalog Issues in a powerful interface, designed for easy filtering and sorting

5. Drive insights and metrics with Issue details now available in the Whistic Reporting engine. Export results for additional flexibility.


So get excited for these updates, which are coming in a matter of days! If you’re a current customer and you’d like to learn more about how this will benefit you and if your current package includes this functionality, reach out to your customer success manager today!

As mentioned above, this is the first release of our Issue Management updates. Here’s a quick preview of additional benefits for you to get excited about in the next release.

  1. Automatic Issue creation during questionnaire review.
  2. Assign Issues to other people, including vendor or internal contacts.
  3. Vendor Detail page to include Issue section and summary.

If you are a current customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to: you are new to Whistic,schedule time with usto learn about how Whistic Profile can eliminate security questionnaires from your customers, accelerate sales cycles, and help unlock revenue.

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