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What is Proactive Vendor Security?

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As an InfoSec leader, you understand platform vulnerabilities and risk. Why wait for vulnerabilities to occur when you can stop them in their tracks? Instead of taking a reactive approach—waiting for risk and then dealing with the consequences—InfoSec teams are taking a stand and putting protocols in place to prevent risks from happening in the first place.

The Six Pillars of Proactive Vendor Security

Taking a proactive stance against potential security threats doesn’t happen overnight. With the right tools and processes, your team can stop guessing and start being proactive. Here are the six pillars of proactive vendor security that your team needs to know:

  • Your security protocols and guidelines should be readily available and accessible on-demand to customers and vendors.
  • Establish your organization as a trusted thought leader in the vendor risk management space by making it easy for customers and vendors to work with your team.
  • Be transparent with teams you’re working with by sharing your vendor security requirements, questionnaires, and profiles upfront.
  • Stay in control of the vendor risk management process by publishing security data, updates, and proactive safeguards.
  • Vendor security is continually changing and growing, and proactive teams must have dynamic workflows in place to stay current and effective.
  • Leverage intelligent data and insights to refine your risk strategy and deliver the best possible experience to your customers and vendors.

How Whistic Can Help You Be Proactive

While proactive vendor security is a purposeful mindset, it is also achievable with the right tools and resources. Whistic was built from the ground-up to make it easy for InfoSec teams to deliver proactive, efficient vendor risk management. Acting as a single source of trust for both your internal team and your vendors,Whisticmakes it easy to:

  • Seamlessly share and receive questionnaires and assessments with potential and current vendors.
  • Show your risk protocols and workflows to establish your reputation as a trusted risk management leader.
  • Visualize exactly which questionnaires and assessments each vendor requires.
  • Update and refine your vendor risk management process as needed.

Whisticallows InfoSec teams to build a holisticSecurity Profileand share this profile with vendor teams, leaving no room for gaps or misinformation in the vendor assessment process. With any potential holes in the vendor security processes effectively filled with transparent vendor data, InfoSec teams can be confident that their processes are secure, compliant, and proactive.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to make sure you’re working with the most proactive, future-proof vendor assessment platform on the market, theWhisticteam is here to help. Our organization is full of security gurus who can help make sure that your platform is up to speed and identify any vulnerable areas or gaps that need to be filled. You can learn more and get started here.

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