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What are Zero-Touch Assessments and What are the Benefits?

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Modern InfoSec teams are no strangers to automation. Many industry-leading tools and solutions rely heavily on automation practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security controls across multiple industries and functions. One part of the InfoSec process that has yet to be fully automated, however, is the vendor risk assessment process.

So many InfoSec teams spend a majority of their time collecting, responding to, sending out, and reviewing security assessments and questionnaires to ensure compliance with new or prospective vendors and customers. Often, this means reviewing the same data points over and over or answering the same questions a dozen times a day. The vendor risk assessment process has long been a tedious pain point for many InfoSec teams—until now.

What is a zero-touch assessment?

A zero-touch assessment is the modern security team’s answer to automation. Instead of having to manually answer the same security questions over and over, InfoSec teams can easily share their saved assessment answers with vendors—securely, of course—to get the ball rolling faster on the partnership.

When it comes to reviewing questionnaire responses, a zero-touch assessment allows security team members to instantly flag answers that may be out of scope or concerning. Team members can immediately focus on these red flags for instant follow up and action.

The zero-touch assessment is all about being proactive. Organizations can establish themselves as security leaders in their space by immediately sharing their assessments with new or prospective vendors without even being asked. And, when responses are received, team members can focus instantly on areas of concern to cut to the chase and get issues resolved fast.

Get started with zero-touch assessments today

Modern InfoSec teams need the right tools to help them be proactive thought leaders in the world of vendor risk management, and the Whistic platform helps establish that reputation. With the Whistic Security Profile, InfoSec teams can securely build a flexible, sharable, zero-touch assessment that can be easily shared with customers and vendors.

For InfoSec teams looking for a new way to bring automation and streamlined processes to their vendor risk management strategy, Whistic is the answer. You can learn more about the Whistic platform and the zero-touch assessment process here.

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