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Security Practices That Build Trust With Customers

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In today’s open-source world, trusting the organizations you do business with is everything. Data security, privacy, and InfoSec controls are often a make-or-break area of conversation between customers and the vendors they do business with. In fact, 84% of customers say that data security—and trust in information security protocols—is a key area of focus when it comes to deciding which vendors to partner with.

Key security practices designed to build trust

Whether your team is starting to build a new foundation of compliance management or if you’re looking for new ways to deliver trust security practices to your customers, here are some key security practices to keep in mind:

  • Lead with a security-first message. When talking to prospects, customers, and partners, lead with a security-first message. As InfoSec becomes an increasingly important part of the SaaS sales process, it’s a good idea to bring security controls up early in sales meetings. Giving your sales team the right tools to be successful here is now critical.
  • Streamline the security questionnaire process for increased efficiency. Security questionnaires and assessments are foundational to the idea of trust security, and InfoSec teams are tasked with reviewing more and more on a daily basis. By streamlining these assessments and developing detailed answers that can be reused where applicable, InfoSec teams can review more assessments than ever before – and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Customize your vendor risk assessments where necessary. Every customer (and vendor) is different, so it makes sense that each risk assessment or questionnaire may need to be customized. Establish your team as a thought leader in your industry by including customized elements into your risk assessments to address a prospective customer’s unique security controls or concerns.
  • Educate your internal team on trust security best practices. While your sales team might not know the ins and outs of vendor risk management processes by heart, they should be able to speak to the broader questions when asked. Educating your internal team on best practices and industry regulations can set them up for success down the road.

Invest in trust security with Whistic

Sending, responding to, and receiving risk assessments and questionnaires is now a critical part of any vendor review process. Unfortunately for many vendors, the back-and-forth process between InfoSec teams can easily become convoluted, leading some customers to simply deem a vendor ‘too hard to work with’ or ‘not up to snuff’ even before actual security controls have been reviewed. With the Whistic platform, vendors can quickly – and easily – establish a reputation of trust security with customers, even during the sales stage.

Whisic allows InfoSec teams to work hand-in-hand with sales teams to easily share security posture details with prospects and customers, speeding up sales cycles and putting security compliance worries to rest.

Want to learn more about how your team can establish a foundation of trust security? Request a demohere.

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