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4 Reasons Why Proactively Sharing Your Security Posture Helps Customers

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While building and maintaining a security profile makes navigating the vendor security ecosystem simpler for sales teams, there are also many benefits your customers can achieve too. Below are the top four benefits we believe have the most impact.

1. Responses to security questionnaire requests are faster

According to the 2021 State of Vendor Security Assessments, responses to security questionnaires can take nearly a week on average, and if clarification is needed that could add another four days to the process. Much of that time can be eliminated when sales teams build out and share a security profile.

Proactively sharing a security profile with your customers speeds up the buying process. Instead of sending out a questionnaire request, waiting for your response, and engaging in a lengthy back and forth, your customers have access to all the information they need to make a decision. And if they do need to follow up or request some clarification, it typically will be narrowly focused, so responses will be faster.

2. Help them achieve peace of mind

The threat of a cyber attack is more real than ever. Just this year the Solarwinds and Microsoft Exchange breaches impacted tens of thousands of businesses, and it seems like almost every day a new ransomware attack is reported and the news. The common thread that most of these attacks have is the bad actors gained access through a third party vulnerability.

That’s why your customers are so vigilant about third party security assessments. By delivering them a robust security profile that answers all of their questions and includes third party validation, you’re providing them the peace of mind they need to choose you as a vendor.


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3. Standard delivery of security documentation

In the past, your customers had to deal with cobbled together systems where their vendors’ security documentation was spread out across multiple applications, spreadsheets, and email inboxes, which made it difficult for them to efficiently conduct a security review. By delivering them a nicely packaged security profile that contains all the information they need to make a decision about your business’ security capabilities, you’re not only making their job easier, but you’re helping your solution standout.

4. Streamlines the assessment process

When you go beyond just sharing your profile on a business to business basis and make it available to anyone on the security and compliance page on your website or via a vendor security network, you’re making the assessment process even easier for your customers. They can search you out, review your security documentation, and make a decision without any extra work on your part. Giving prospects the ability to do this means they can work on their timeline and your salespeople can focus on driving revenue to your business and not managing questionnaire responses.

How Whistic can help

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