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Enable Customer-Facing Teams to Proactively Share Your Security Posture

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For most modern InfoSec teams, much of the day-to-day work is done behind the scenes to set up a secure and compliant data-sharing network for customers, partners, and vendors. While this work is critical for corporate reputation and to ensure projects move forward successfully, plenty of questions come up regularly with customers and other external teams.

The problem with bringing in InfoSec to every customer conversation

All too often, customer-facing teams (salespeople, procurement teams, etc.) will bring InfoSec resources into a meeting, email chain, or call as soon as any security-related question arises. While this makes sense (because, after all, these resources will answer any questions), it can be a waste of time and resources if the customer is looking for a posture overview or something along those lines. Many SaaS-based InfoSec teams waste a majority of their daily time answering one-off, repetitive customer questions, creating a backlog of actual technical work.

Enabling other teams to share your security posture

One of the easiest ways to streamline this process is to enable these customer-facing teams to share security posture information and equip them to access answers to these commonly asked questions. This means building a Security Profile. Here's how it works:

  1. Your InfoSec department builds a comprehensive Security Profile containing all relevant questionnaire and assessment details, FAQs, and other security posture information that may be important.
  2. Client-facing teams have access to a sharable link that they can easily send to customers, prospects, partners, and vendors to get ahead of security questions before they're even asked.
  3. If any edits or updates to your security posture are required, your InfoSec team can securely make these on the back end and then publish the changes, ensuring that anyone who already has a link to your Profile will automatically have access to the most up-to-date version.
  4. When customer teams' questions come in, they will be more focused and specific and require InfoSec input rather than broader scope educational questions.

Other benefits of equipping your customer teams to share your security posture

While giving your customer-facing teams the ability to proactively share your security posture can help streamline internal InfoSec operations, it also turns your security posture into a competitive advantage and industry talking point. Your salespeople and procurement teams are often on the front lines of sharing information about your organization. Setting them up with a Security Profile can give them insider information to help spread the word and establish your team as a security leader in your space.

Getting started with the Whistic Security Profile

Whistic makes it easy to build a comprehensive Security Profile once and then proactively share it with customers, partners, and vendors. With the Whistic Security Profile, your customer-facing teams can close deals faster and eliminate security-focused bottlenecks in the sales process. You can learn more about getting started with the Whistic Security Profile here.

Getting Started