April 2021 Product Release

April 26, 2021


Job Title Not a Required Field

No more guessing job titles! Job title is no longer a required field when sending an invitation to another user in Whistic.

The title is still a required field for a new person completing registration for themselves.


Vendor Risk Management


Changes to Intake Form Affects all Vendors

Changes to the intake form now apply retroactively to previously submitted vendors. Once you finish customizing your intake form and then Publish it, those changes are applied to ALL of your vendors. You no longer need to do a Bulk Vendor Upload in order to update older vendors to the newest version of the Intake Form.


Verify Pre-populated Reassessments

A vendor retains access to all of the questionnaires they have completed in Whistic. This means when they are sent a reassessment, they can access the previous request. In fact, Whistic will automatically pre-populate the questionnaire with any answers that they've already completed.

However, to ensure they have indeed reviewed and updated relevant questions, a vendor is presented with a new window requesting they certify review of the questionnaire. This is especially important when the reassessment goes to someone other than the original respondent. The new recipient will still have access the the previously submitted questionnaire, but they will need to certify review.

Include Product or Service in Trust Catalog Profile

Trust Catalog Profiles will clearly identify the product or service they are for to differentiate the listings from each other.


View More Records on the Vendor Catalog

View up to 500 Profiles in the Vendor Catalog on a single page. You can change the number of profiles per page to 50, 100, 250, or 500 with 250 being the default.


Improved Trust Catalog Notifications

Vendor notifications to admins for Trust Catalog imports have been improved to provide better context for what action has been taken with the profile.


Security Profile


Share a Profile with Multiple Users

We've improved the recent update to share your profile with multiple users. If you are only sharing with one person, simply fill out their information and select Share.

If you are going to share with multiple people, select Add Another Recipient. For more help on sharing your Security Profile, go here.

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