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Consolidate all of your security documentation and share it proactively with customers with a free, limited version of Profile.

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Basic Profile, Advanced Security

Sharing security documentation early in the sales process builds trust and helps ensure a more secure ecosystem for your customers.

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Free Profile = Free Time

Save time and resources when you build and share a Basic Profile proactively with customers.

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Standardized Security Documentation

Gain access to Whistic’s library of standard security questionnaires and frameworks when you sign up for Basic Profile.

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Eliminate Questionnaire Requests

Publishing a Basic Profile to the Whistic Trust Catalog enables your customers to conduct Zero-Touch Assessments of your security posture.

What's Included with Your Basic Profile?

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Up-to three Profile shares per month

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Access to Whistic’s library of standard questionnaires

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Ability to publish Profile to the Trust Catalog

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