Why Sales Leaders Should Adopt Whistic’s Security Profile

January 02, 2018

Sales professionals are tasked with accelerating their deals and navigating the many objections that they receive during the sales process. One of the challenges that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate is that of the security review and vetting process. More and more, as organizations are adding new solutions or tools to their tech stack, they are rightfully putting into place strict procedures to ensure that any new vendors added don’t present a risk to their data, their customers, or their partners. The result is often laborious, time-consuming security reviews complete with custom vendor questionnaires and documentation requests.

The risks that these third party vendors can pose to an organization are downright scary: last year (2016), the number of data breaches increased 40%, with the average U.S. data breach costing $7.1 million. Because of these growing risks, InfoSec teams are making the process harder and harder for sales professionals to close deals in an efficient way that also ticks the boxes for their potential clients’ security assessment process.

One way that sales leaders can expedite the security process is by adopting Whistic’s Security Profile, which allows resource-constrained teams to streamline the third party security review process.

How Whistic’s Security Profile Can Expedite Sales

Until recently, Whistic’s users had to respond to vendor requests individually, with no way to standardize or streamline security reviews. This was problematic for sales teams as they would receive a vendor request from a prospect and then would have to wait for their internal InfoSec team to accept the questionnaire and manually respond to it — hopefully in a timely manner so the deal could progress. However, due to the significant amount of work that InfoSec teams have on their plates, requests from sales often aren’t at the top of their lists. Even at companies with dedicated RFP response teams or sales engineers dedicated to security questionnaires, it can take weeks to complete a new review.

Now, with Whistic’s addition of Security Profiles to the third party risk assessment platform, sales teams can expedite their deals while InfoSec teams can streamline the response process, satisfying both parties and ultimately helping the company’s bottom line at the same time. Here are a few examples of how that’s possible:

  • Shorten sales cycles: eliminate the security review bottleneck in your sales process
  • Generate trust: a proactive response signals that you have a more mature security program
  • Bring on the security reviews: enable your reps to project confidence and turn the tables during a review
  • Use a segmentation strategy: be smarter about where you deploy your limited resources
  • Eliminate waste: keep your reps selling and eliminate wasted time spent on security reviews

Whistic’s Workflow Makes Internal Processes Easy

Responding to third party questionnaires from potential customers can be a complicated process for InfoSec teams as each company seems to have their own protocols. However, when a company leverages a Whistic Profile, a questionnaire request as a part of the sales process can trigger a simple “share” of a pre-built profile in a matter of a few clicks.

Even customizing your company’s security profile with Whistic is simple:

  1. Use custom text areas to introduce your security compliance program
  2. Attach commonly requested documentation
  3. Align your security posture with industry-accepted standards by pre-completing standardized, widely-recognized questionnaires (i.e. SIG, VSA, CAIQ, CIS)
  4. Develop a policy around when you’ll share your security profile and with what type of customers
  5. Start sharing!

VPs of Sales can benefit by encouraging their InfoSec team to build out a library of pre-completed security questionnaires in one single location that can be easily added to a robust profile and shared with prospects to complete security reviews during the sales process. InfoSec teams will appreciate a sales process where they’re can either offload security review sharing rights to the sales organization using role-based access control or centralize the sharing of profiles on their own team. This allows InfoSec to get involved when necessary and frees the sales team up to close more business.

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Check out our resources below for more third party vendor best practices and insights on how your organization can effectively respond to security assessments.


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