Whistic Now Available in the AWS Activate Console

October 29, 2020

October 28, 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah – Whistic, the proactive vendor security platform for buyers and sellers, announced today that it is featured in the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Console Exclusive Offers program. This means that startups building on AWS can now access customized and discounted offers to help increase sales velocity directly through the AWS Activate Console. 

Whistic allows companies to proactively create, share, and control access to a Whistic Profile, which dramatically accelerates—or bypasses altogether—the security review process that creates friction in an increasing percentage of sales cycles today. Profiles are based on industry-standard security and privacy frameworks and include supporting documentation, audits, and certifications. Whistic’s suite of services empowers companies and their customer-facing teams to easily communicate this information early in the sales cycle to help establish trusted relationships faster.

Through the Exclusive Offers program, companies get 3 free months of Whistic Profile and a 15% discount on purchases thereafter. Inclusion in the Activate Console Exclusive Offers program recognizes the critical need for high-growth startups to anticipate and prepare for customer security reviews as a part of building and scaling their companies on AWS. The offer is now available to startups globally, and companies that activate by the end of this year will receive priority onboarding services. 

“As more companies realize the importance of generating trust with their customers and validating trust with their third-parties, we are excited to offer a new approach to vendor security,” said Nick Sorensen, Whistic CEO. “Inclusion in the AWS Activate Program gives more businesses the ability to increase sales velocity and turn security into a competitive advantage, which is now a critical part of most purchasing decisions.”

One AWS startup that has already benefited by adopting the Whistic platform is Gremlin, “We went from an average of 45–60 days to complete a security review to less than four days,” said Skyler Sampson, Senior Security Architect. 

The AWS Activate program provides startups with free credits, training, and technical resources to help them accelerate their growth and development as they build their businesses. From the Activate Console, startups can take advantage of everything AWS has to offer, as well as exclusive discounts, credits, free trials, mentorship opportunities, educational content, and other perks from vetted and approved software vendors such as Whistic. Startups can join Activate at https://aws.amazon.com/activate/.


About Whistic

Located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes in Utah, Whistic is a leading provider of proactive vendor security and an innovator in changing the way that companies publish and evaluate security posture to build trust. Whistic is the single source of trust for both buyers and sellers, helping companies speed up the pace of business. The Whistic Trust Catalog® now contains nearly 15,000 company profiles that can be assessed on-demand, and notable customers include Airbnb, Okta, Betterment, Vonage, Qualtrics, and other world-leading brands within healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and education. 

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